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Modern Practices of Using Android MDM
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Modern Practices of Using Android MDM

Today, organizations and employees rely heavily on their devices such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., for work. Therefore, efficiently managing them is critical. Provisioning, securing, and maintaining mobile devices in the corporate world is a problem for today’s IT and security professionals. Android EMM Solutions (Enterprise Mobility Management) is one such platform that provides total data security for all the devices connected to the corporate network, be it dedicated devices or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). EMM is a framework that combines Mobile Application Management and MDM (Mobile Device Management) to safeguard a company’s data.

Best Practices for Android MDM

Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when choosing an MDM solution:

Before deciding on the Android MDM, it is important to identify how many and what devices are there in your enterprise. You also need to understand the devices’ internal connections and the applications required to do specific tasks.

Choose an MDM product that has a strong partner network. A competent MDM supplier will include resellers, carriers, managed service providers (MSPs), and other types of partners with whom you may collaborate to examine your goals and correct execution.

The device enrollment with your MDM system should be a simple and easy process. Check that it provides free access to a full-production gateway where you can start enrolling devices and testing features in minutes. Make sure the portal offers a cloud delivery model so you can get started directly from your chosen browser. It should give you customization like disabling cameras if required, Wi-Fi connectivity, password protection, etc.

It is advisable to check what technical support is available to you. Does it have an owner’s manual, helpdesk number, online chat, or how-to-do videos to ensure quick learning and successful roll-out?

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The MDM solution should fulfill these bare necessities:

Automated reports: Check that the reporting and inventory tool consolidates all enrolled devices and associated data into simple reports. Daily updates should be generated automatically,   with no human intervention.

Automatic updates: Aside from the benefits of rapid access provided by cloud MDM, there should be no hardware to buy, install, or maintain—and no related expenses. The platform should be automatically updated with new features available to a company.

Easy Search: A cloud-based system requires the capacity to search for anything and everything. An organization’s devices, reports, integrations, apps, and sensitive documents should be conveniently accessible.

Protecting company data is one of the top concerns for modern IT and security leaders—and, predictably, one of the most difficult issues. Your MDM system should have strong security features that are simple to use.

Your MDM system should be capable of establishing particular restrictions for accessing secure data, as well as taking action in the event of a potential breach, such as the loss or theft of a device. This is critical as more and more employees use their personal devices for work (BYOD Bring your own device).

Your MDM should limit access to non-enterprise approved apps on the employees’ devices to ensure more productivity and compliance with corporate policies.

Your MDM solution should be able to integrate with all of your region’s key carriers and control data usage by setting limits and by reporting anomalies.


Whether cloud-based or on-premise, the Android MDM system should ease the overall management of all the mobiles, increase production, increase efficiency, save time, and, more importantly, increase security. Look for a system that offers comprehensive, holistic solutions to ensure that the security of the Android devices connected to the enterprise network is never compromised.

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