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The Best To-Do List Apps
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The Best To-Do List Apps

When looking for a To-do list app, do not look for one that is complicated. What the app is replacing is a pen and paper. But regardless, we see every day a new to-do lists app being released. When it comes to staying on track with your tasks, it is a personal thing. And people do not like things that feel ugly. They want something pretty. It makes finding the right app very hard.

When looking at different platforms, windows, android, iPhone, and macOS, the list of apps is exhaustive. But when looking at the right app, here are some of the things that you need to consider, according to this website.

Different apps have different criteria they use, and so is everyone looking for an app. How do you choose the best app?

  1. It is easy to add tasks fast and also to organize them
  2. It gives you different ways to organize and plan your tasks
  3. It gives you reminders deadlines that you have self-imposed
  4. The user interface offered clean
  5. Offers synchronization between different platforms being used

Best To-do list for balancing simplicity and power

1. Todoist (macOS, Android, Windows, Ipad, iPhone, Web)

It may not be the most powerful app, nor is it the simplest. But the whole point of it comes in the fact that it balances the two. It gives you simplicity and power. And it does this while running on literally every platform there is. It is one of its strongest selling points. Adding tasks to it is quick. It is flexible to adapt, and It is also not complicated to overwhelm someone.

Best to-do list app with embedded timers and calendars

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2. TickTick (Web, Ipad, and iPhone, macOS, windows, android)

This to-do list app offers a lot of features. It is still growing, and you can get it on every single platform there is. It has natural language processing, which helps to add tasks quicker. It has a keyboard shortcut and has some widgets on mobile. It makes it easier to add tasks.

Best to-do list app for power users for Microsoft

Microsoft, after acquiring Wunderlist, had that teamwork on a to-do list. The result was Microsoft to do. It has wanderlust DNA throughout. The interface is clean, friendly, add tasks quickly a lot of flexibility. Furthermore, there are also some apps like asana project planning who helps in planning for teams to manage their workflow.

Best to-do list app with an elegant design

3. Things (iPhone, iPad, macOS)

When talking about to-do lists, they both fall into two categories: the minimalist one and the complex one. Things are both somehow.

This app has very many features, but it remains easy to use. When it comes to organizing tasks and adding them, it is quick. And many variations have no end when organizing. Different areas contain different tasks and projects.

Best to-do list with a very organizational system

4. Omnifocus (iPad, iPhone, macOS)

It is the most flexible. It is made and built around getting things done. The features that Omnifocus has means that you can use it in any organizational system there is. There are different types of projects that one can put up. You can set them up to do them in a specific order or not.

There are many to-do lists app that you can use to your liking. Choose the app that will suit you to ensure that you get your to-do list done while having fun at it.

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