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According to the modern source of wisdom that elementary students use to write their school reports, a gadget is a small tool such as a machine with a particular function. Still, it is often thought of as a novelty. Devices are sometimes mentioned to as gizmos. We find some valuable vision into the origin of the word device. It was a 19th-century term for a methodological item whose actual name one can’t remember.

A small self-contained unit of high performance relates to its size and cost, whose function is to transform some undifferentiated circumstances to a condition nearer human desires. A minimum of skills is required in its installation and use. It is self-governing of any physical or social infrastructure beyond that. It may be ordered from a catalog and delivered to its prospective user. A class of servants to human needs, these clip-on devices, these portable gadgets, have colored American thought and action far more deeply, I suspect, than is commonly understood.

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