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Service Provider Write for Us

Service Provider Write for Us

If we follow the traditional definition, a supplier is a person or company that provides or supplies everything necessary for a specific purpose to other companies, communities or groups. In the world of the IT channel , the service provider (MSP) has become a fundamental figure with many implications.

In many cases, today’s service provider is associated with the Internet service provider , also known by the acronym ISP (Internet Service Provider). These are companies that provide customers with Internet connection services or web services, such as web hosting, using various technologies such as ADSL, GSM, 4G, 5G, etc.

In addition to Internet service providers, we find application service providers, or ASPs (Application Service Provider) . These are those companies that, through the Internet, offer customers a series of services or application programs (such as ERP or CRM management) through a pay-per-use or software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. In this way, the client not only manages to reduce costs for the use of these applications or services, but the ASP is in charge of updating, supporting and securing them.

ASPs are a figure that has grown enormously in recent years due to the proliferation of new technologies and the need for companies (large corporations, government or SMEs) to have a partner to help them manage applications and services. they need, as well as their specialty, on many occasions, in vertical markets.

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