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SMTP Server Write for Us

SMTP Server Write for Us

Let’s start with a definition of what is known in English as “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.”

In human and understandable terms, SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – is a basic protocol that allows emails to travel over the Internet.

That is, it is a messaging protocol used to send an email from point A (an origin server or outgoing server >) to point B (a destination server or incoming server ). Simple as that! No matter where you have your email address (in Yahoo, Outlook, or Gmail), this procedure is essential in any mass email sending process and is always complemented by an SMTP server.

An SMTP server is a computer in charge of carrying out the SMTP service, which, acting as an “electronic postman, ” allows electronic mail transport over the Internet. SMTP relay works very quickly through an authentication process: if the SMTP server confirms the identities of the sender and the recipient, the sending is done.

It’s like a web post office: it is responsible for collecting the sender’s email and delivering it to the recipient’s local post office, another SMTP server. To understand it a little better, let’s imagine the route that your regular email would have to do at snail speed to reach its destination:

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