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Disabling Bluetooth on Smartphones: Why is it Necessary to Deactivate it?

Disabling Bluetooth on Smartphones: Why is it Necessary to Deactivate it?

Disabling Bluetooth on Smartphones: It is a communication technology with many practical benefits, but it also involves certain risks. We will explain to you in detail.

Bluetooth connectivity turned on a smartphone can not only prematurely drain the device’s battery, but also open the door to a hacker attack.

If users keep Bluetooth on and available for detection, it can drain the battery a little faster,” said Vojtech Bochek, chief digital security engineer for the Avast company (recognized by its antivirus programs).

Besides, Bluetooth automatically goes into detection mode for a short time, so that the user can connect to another device on the network. This feature works for the comfort of the user but also increases the risk of others connecting to your phone.

“Disabling Bluetooth detection mode, or simply disabling Bluetooth completely, prevents other unauthorized devices from trying to send data or connect to your phone,” the specialist recommended.

Also, if Bluetooth is activated, users have to confirm all activities such as accepting the accessory or establishing a connection with other smartphones, he said.

To carry out a cyberattack, hackers first need to find out the MAC address of the Bluetooth adapter. “It is much easier to do if the phone is discoverable. So it is definitely better disabling Bluetooth of the smartphone or make it inaccessible to other devices when not in use,” said the expert, according to Sputnik.

The Risks of having Bluetooth Active

bluetooth hijacking


Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection (up to 10 meters) that allows you to send and receive data between mobile phones, computers, and even audio equipment, among others. Although it is generally used without any concern, the truth is that it is convenient to be responsible for its use. Here are the different dangers that affect the Bluetooth connection and what steps to take to protect yourself.


These types of attacks are the most serious and take advantage of ” bugs ” -errors- in identifying the device to control it completely. The attackers’ targets are diverse, from cyber espionage to data theft, virus propagation, and even creating botnet networks (computer robots).

These attacks do not require any action by the user. They don’t even need someone to click a link to activate. If Bluetooth is on, they can do their infectious work in 10 seconds.


Another danger is “bluejacking,” which is the massive sending of spam between devices connected to Bluetooth. In this case, the attacker uses the system protocol to send unsolicited messages to the victim. And these messages are sent through a vCard, a note, or a contact.

It usually uses the device’s own name as spam to be more effective. It is an annoying technique until recently harmless in terms of infections or malware attacks. Although hackers developed new tools over time. They are allowing them access to the phonebook, messages, and data of the cell.


It is darker and more dangerous than bluejacking since it necessarily involves the theft of information. The most common is the theft of contacts. But you can access other types of data within the phone, tablet, or computer. Including communications and private messages and images. Of course, for this to work, the attacker must be located 10 meters – or less – from the device, says BBC Mundo.

How to protect yourself from Bluetooth Attacks?

bluetooth hacker

A confirmation code can be requested on modern devices when someone tries to connect to a device via Bluetooth. In this way, any type of stealth connection is avoided. Besides, it is convenient to use Bluetooth Mode 2, which has forced security at the service level.

You can also configure a device in ” Hidden Mode ” to make it invisible to hackers. And finally, the most effective way to be safe is to keep the Bluetooth connection disabled when not in use.

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