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The Top 10 Reasons to Get an AWS Certification
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The Top 10 Reasons to Get an AWS Certification

Whether it is a startup, a small business or a large enterprise, all establishments are moving towards cloud computing to store their data and manage their functions. Cloud service providers are working round-the-clock to offer services and fix bugs to provide a smooth experience to such organisations. They develop new features and provide services to enable businesses to tackle the most challenging issues with ease. Cloud computing is taking Information Technology by storm, and one of the leading players in the marketplace is AWS.

AWS or Amazon Web Services offer over 100 cloud services to companies looking for storage, database organisation, AWS cloud security and much more. AWS has been instrumental in reducing costs, scaling operations and boosting growth for organisations around the world. AWS has proven to be a trailblazer in cloud computation technology, and there won’t be a better time than today to get an AWS certification.

If you are still contemplating the need for an AWS certification course, read the following pointers:

1. Cloud technology is the future

Cloud technology is on the way to becoming the future for organisations around the world. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are pushing businesses towards a technologically advanced sphere where their data is more secure on a cloud. Gaining expertise in cloud technology is the need-of-the-hour for IT professionals.

2. Increased migration of businesses to the cloud

Businesses of all sizes and across verticals are rapidly migrating towards the cloud. Organisations moving their data and applications to the cloud come across hiccups and roadblocks. These roadblocks can only be managed by professionals with domain expertise. Such organisations need trained IT professionals for a smooth and hassle-free transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. In-depth knowledge of the AWS platform and cloud organisation is considered to be an asset for most organisations.

3. AWS is the fastest growing cloud service

Amazon Web Services made its services available to the public years before Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform came into the picture. This head-start has enabled AWS to become a leader in the field, with a 52 per cent share in the market. The growth-curve of AWS is reason enough for any IT professional to begin learning AWS to avail exciting current and future opportunities.

4. Affordable Pricing

AWS offers a free platform for apprentices to get a hands-on experience of the AWS cloud through their free-tier AWS account. This free-tier account provides access to some services trainees without an expiry date. Some other AWS accounts are available for free for a year, with some premium services for a free trial. Some of such services are EC2, S3, Elastic load balancing, and Amazon RDS. While they may have usage limits, they offer enough access to the trainee to get acquainted with the platform when getting an AWS certification and training. Services are available at a flexible pay-as-you-use service too.

5. Demand is outgrowing Supply

As explained earlier, businesses are transitioning to the AWS cloud at an increasingly fast pace. To make the transition smooth, they need AWS experts with adequate hands-on knowledge. Today, the demand for such professionals is exceeding the supply. This means that there is a gap in the chain that you can fill with an AWS DevOps cloud certification.

6. Certification validates your expertise

You may be an expert in AWS cloud computing, but a certificate proves your credibility. A certification demonstrates your strength and skills, helping you maintain transparent relationships. It tells your clients that you have gone through rigorous AWS training and certification procedure and are fully capable of undertaking the tasks. Also, organisations with employees having AWS certifications get access to the AWS Partner Network. Through this, the organisation can get additional training and access to a resource library designed to serve customers better. The more the number of employees with certifications, the higher the organisation goes into the tiered AWS partner Network.

7. Handsome Compensation

As demonstrated earlier, the demand for AWS cloud experts is currently exceeding supply. This means that if you are a certified professional in pay, the remuneration offered to you to undertake AWS operations will be one of the highest in the market.

8. Abundant Resources

You won’t find yourself struggling with the AWS certification training programme. There is an abundance of resources, training modules, and communities who will guide you and help you along the way.

9. Networking Possibilities

The AWS certification grants you access to a special AWS LinkedIn community. You get the chance to network with your peers from around the world, opening you up to fresher possibilities.

10. Specialty Learning Paths

When you become an expert AWS cloud developer, you get to choose your focus area. The speciality learning paths are Advanced Networking, Big Data and Security. You can grow and validate your advanced skills in technical areas of your speciality.

AWS certification opens you up to new opportunities from around the world.

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