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Reasons Why Java Is So Popular Among Developers
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Reasons Why Java Is So Popular Among Developers

Java is one of the most adaptable and explicit methods of development and one of the best programming languages available to developers. From a progress viewpoint, Java completed 25 successful years of being the most favored programming language. It is extensively used as the server-side language for a broad spectrum of development projects, including Machine Learning projects, Big Data projects, software development, Android, and web development. Both the points openly say that Java is a consistently emerging language.

So, what makes this programming language so popular? Let’s find out!

Why is Java so Popular?

One of the most significant reasons that make Java a desirable programming language is its independence. Java appends platform independence to the Java program that works on it. It has a special runtime environment called the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) where programs are executed smoothly.

Java as a structural language contains Classes that are utilized to create objects in Java programming, and they represent data attributes and operations (defined by methods coded in the class). It also presents characteristics such as inheritance, encapsulation, and, polymorphism, as well as most beneficial methods and built-in packages, which make writing Java code simpler. Java code doesn’t need any external sources as Java objects don’t require them.

There are several reasons behind Java being one of the most favored languages amongst companies and software developers. Here are a few:

Reasons why Java is still enduring even after 25 years

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Since Java objects do not incorporate any references to data outside of themselves, the code is notably strong. Java is used to build full web applications that are capable of running on a single computer or over a chain of clients and servers. The primary strength of Java is that it is easy to write and run. You can effectively run the Java-based app everywhere and at any time with this programming language.

1. Java is easy to learn and beginner-friendly

Java is known to present programmers with smooth English-like syntax with the least magic figures e.g., Generics angle brackets. This makes it simple to read the Java program and learn fast.

Once a programmer is accustomed to initial difficulties or goals with connecting JDK and setting up PATH and understanding how Classpath operates, it’s rather simple to write a program in Java.

2. Java has a rich API set

Another significant reason for the Java programming language’s tremendous progress is its Rich API set. Most essentially, this API set is profoundly visible because it comes with Java installation.

Java provides several APIs for networking, I/O, utilities, database connectivity, XML parsing, and nearly everything. Whatever is left is automatically incorporated by open source libraries such as Google Guava, Apache Commons, Apache POI, Jackson, Gson, and many other libraries.

3. Aid for compelling development tools e.g., Eclipse, Netbeans

Eclipse and Netbeans have performed an immense role in shaping Java as one of the top programming languages. Coding and programming using an IDE is a delight, especially if one has coded in Notepad or DOS Editor.

Eclipse and Netbeans not only help in fitting code completion but, are also recognized to provide an effective debugging ability, which is vital for real-world development. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) characteristic has furnished and made Java development much more convenient, quicker, and articulate. It has been made simple to explore, refactor, as well as read code with the help of IDEs.

Aside from rendering assistance for IDE, the Java platform further presents many other tools such as Maven and ANT for developing Java applications.

4. Great collection of Open Source libraries

Open-source libraries have continuously assured that Java can be used throughout. Google, Apache, and several other organizations have offered a lot to excellent libraries. All of these make Java development simple, faster, as well as cost-efficient.

5. Assistance from the largest programming community

A powerful, as well as a flourishing community, is one of the largest and the principal strengths of the Java programming language. No matter how great a language is, it cannot sustain if there is no community assistance that is provided, in order to help and bestow their expertise.

Java on the other hand has plenty of lively forums, open-source organizations, StackOverflow, as well as numerous other influential Java user clubs to assist with everything.

There is an incredible community to assist newbies, superior and even proficient Java programmers. Java actually helps and promotes knowing and contributing back to the community customs. There are loads of programmers, who use open-source, as well as contribute as a tester, committer, etc.


No surprise Java is here to linger for a long term. It will remain to help several programmers and developers because of the characteristics that it provides. It suits all industry types and domains and is continuously progressing enabling all its users to obtain the privileges of its programming abilities, robust code backups, and stable performance.

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