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The Future Of The Internet Between Streaming, Social And Metaverse
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The Future Of The Internet Between Streaming, Social And Metaverse

Before Mark Zuckerburg introduced the world of a metaverse in Facebook, it already existed and thriving, though not at the expected rate. Since it has been introduced on Facebook, this clearly shows that metaverse is here and here to stay as it continues growing. Though we need to ask ourselves some simple questions such as what is metaverse? What’s its impact on various firms? Is it advisable to be part of this new technological advancement or not?

Don’t worry; we will help you out with all these questions so that you can fully make up your mind.

Is The Metaverse a Virtual Reality?

Yes, the metaverse is part of the virtual reality technology though it is slightly different since it’s not what you are used to in most fictional movies. An example of the metaverse is the movie matrix, where you can be part of a game while still in the real world, but no one can notice. Isn’t this amazing when it actually becomes real and not just a show you’ve watched.

The most shocking is that the metaverse had existed long before Facebook was even invented. Zuckerberg tried to explain it in a more straightforward way where he called this form of technology an embodied internet that you are inside of instead of just looking at it. What he was trying to say is that the metaverse is a virtual reality that brings people of all walks of life together, and they can interact together easily.

When you become part of this platform, you will retain items you have acquired at each level. You can stay with this item for the sessions you are playing a particular game, or you could find yourself inside the metaverse without noticing. The internet usually allows you to interact with multiple people by texting, metaverse is changing this by placing the user in the middle of the action. This opens new experiences that don’t involve browsing alone.

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What Is The Difference Between Metaverse and Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are connected with metaverse but are not connected. We will look into it and understand the connection to the metaverse. The best way is to look into them as separate entities linked together. Let’s discuss them separately before we look into their similarity.

VR and AR equipment allows you to put yourself into the virtual world. When you immerse yourself in VR, you will encounter various surroundings; whether a game or a movie you are indulged in, VR allows you to interact with the altering world around you, while for AR, it adds elements to your surroundings and will enable you to interact with them in many different ways.

The main difference lies in the purpose that AR and VR serve; you can play an AR tournament without even interacting with other participants, while for metaverse, its aim is on human contact. In simpler terms, metaverse was created to make a difference in AR and VR by adding a human connection. Through metaverse, you could share your world with another person, be it dealing with work stuff or school staff communication is more accessible.

Who Is Creating The Metaverse?

Zuckerberg is the one who made metaverse start getting noticed when he came up with the Meta keynote. However, there are many people behind this fantastic invention and each firm involved with this project is looking for a way to improve it and make it even better than it is now. Since Facebook is determined to make metaverse a part of them, they purchased Oculus to come up with excellent headsets. So we cannot say that Zuckerberg is the pioneer of the metaverse; he is just part of this fantastic innovation and wants to improve it.

Is Metaverse Just a Videogame In Disguise?

This is not particularly true, but to some degree, all this depends on your point of view. Online games such as casino online games, Fortnite, Minecraft and the world of witchcraft all have one thing in common, and it is that they are all metaverses games in their own unique way.


Ever since Mark talked about changing Facebook into meta, people have been trying to figure out what metaverse is and how it operates. People are eager to see where this innovation will go once modified and released. Though it feels like once this has been released other social media platforms will have to be improved, or else people will turn back to Facebook due to its difference.

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