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Advanced Programming Languages in IT Field
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Advanced Programming Languages in IT Field

Advanced Programming Languages: This topic is very exciting and doesn’t have a simple answer or just a simple list of modern advanced languages. It is important to separate choosing languages according to the goals. If you want to find a job in a big company you need to learn a more common language to become a highly demanded specialist. If you have an idea for your start-up and you are going to be a developer you can choose a more suitable language for your tasks. Some programmers start learning a new language for self-education and their choice may fall for languages with specialties that are different from their main IT language. There are a lot of discussions about the number of IT languages. Different resources estimate it from 260 to almost 9000. So the problem of choice is hard but interesting at the same time.

Top programming languages in the IT field

We want to present our list and believe that learning each of them will lead to success.

  1. Python. A free open-source programming language that is very common. Simple syntax and a huge community that is always ready to help. It can easily integrate with web services and is perfect for scientific applications. Computer games are also from the list of possibilities of Python. If Youtube, Instagram or Civilization IV means something then know that their developers used Python for coding.
  2. JavaScript (JS). JS is not related to Java. Please remember it, because it is a mistake of a newbie. This language runs inside the clients’ browser and it is responsible for web pages behaviour. It is also good for mobile applications and games development. Some resources say that JS is mostly a common language in the world so if you will learn it you can find a mentor and then a job easily.
  3. C++. It is a version of C and one of the oldest languages. With time it stood out as an independent language. If you become a professional in C++ it doesn’t mean that you can show the same level of programming in C. You will understand the logic of the code but that’s all. Perfect for software engineers and developers, programmer analysts. It is easier than C so you can start work with this almost from the first months of studying.
  4. Swift. This language was based on Objective-C and is very young. It was presented in 2014 and took a prominent place among the advanced programming languages. If you want to create apps for iOS and OS X then Swift is for you. It is as functional and comfortable in coding as apps you will create. For those people who became apple fans before they started to choose a language, it is a perfect way to gather work and hobbies and earn good money at the same time.
  5. PHP. PHP is perfect for developing dynamic web pages with huge data. A lot of websites related to e-commerce use PHP as a popular and simple language that covers all needs of selling thousands of products at the same time. It is easy to learn and intuitive. A lot of open sources and a wide community attracts a lot of future programmers to choose PHP as their profession.
  6. Go. As you can guess from the name of this language it was created by Google for their needs. Go is used for big data, audio and video editing, network programming. Its syntax is close to C but more modern and comfortable. It became popular among bit IT companies who work with a lot of large projects and big data because of its simple structure. So a lot of programmers can work on the same problem at the same time and easily decrypt the code logic of each other.
  7. Ruby. Simple and easy to learn a language that appeared in 1990th still demanded and common. Its specializations are web application development, security and robotics. NASA chose Ruby for their simulations and 3D modelling. So if you dream about stars but love your computer most of all this language is the answer.
  8. In many programming languages, print is a feature that sends text, variables, or any other object to the display. If you’re extra acquainted with the programming language Scratch, printer is equal to mention. Below is an example of “Hello World!” getting print to the display in Perl.

Studying is a perfect exercise for the brain. Any new knowledge will work for you now or later.

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How to Keep Your Head In a Programming Game

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We believe that the expression that you are a person as many times as many languages you know works for the IT world too. You are a great professional as many times as how many types of coding and no coding you can understand and improve. So choose the language you feel close to your heart or profession and learn it carefully. Remember that practice is the most important thing for every IT profession and experience wins diplomas. Don’t be afraid to start anytime. Nobody was born with this knowledge so you can become a successful developer if you wish and be ready to spend time and energy on it.

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