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How Technology Has Reshaped Our Lives?
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How Technology Has Reshaped Our Lives?

Technology Has Reshaped Our Lives: Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our life, from morning alarms to evening supper. However, the reach of technology was fairly limited to urban zones and millennial populations. People from other walks of life found the ever-evolving technology very tedious and complex. But, this approach changed in the second decade of the 21st century when the world is looking for more and more contactless alternatives.

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence has reduced the human margin of error and ensured better precision in multiple sectors. Businesses are now able to take their products online and get better reach. Artists are now no more limited to the sophisticated class; social media has ensured better reach and availability. There are other ways too in which technology is reshaping our lives, and we’ll talk about it in this article.


The video calling technology has taken a giant leap in this decade, which has paved the way for satellite classes. This has given universities worldwide an alternative, and they can now take their courses to students who live far away. The HD video calling allows these universities to interact efficiently with their students and provide a live class experience.

Moreover, this has eased down the financial burden on the students, and they can now complete professional courses from the comfort of their homes. Multiple scholarly platforms have emerged that offer recorded lectures on multiple topics to help them in their academics. Lastly, how can we forget the role of “Google” in students’ lives? We cannot imagine a day when we don’t use a search engine to solve our day-to-day confusions.


Smartphones are getting “smarter” day by day. They are like one powerful compressed machine at your fingertips. GPS technology, which was once considered military-grade, is commonly available on every smartphone now. We now use this technology for daily commute and tracking. Additionally, we plan our daily routine and monitor our fitness effectively through these devices.

Smartphones are also capable of performing some mild work-related tasks to ensure that you don’t lag. For budding entertainment artists, smartphones have provided a great alternative to expensive high-end cameras.

People are now recording professional videos from the comfort of their phones and garnering millions of views. Lastly, the gaming performance of modern-day smartphones has improved considerably, which has paved the way for e-sports which has started to generate millions in revenue.

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The e-commerce businesses have expanded exponentially in the past decade with the improvement in GPS technology. GPS-enabled smartphones have ensured easy tracking for logistic companies. They can now track their vehicles and goods efficiently and direct their delivery partners to their customer’s doorsteps.

Further, with the improvement in the blockchain gigabit network, these companies can communicate with their vehicles efficiently and ensure coordinated movement patterns with different vehicles. Today, most of the urban population prefer buying their products online because of sheer comfort and convenience. It is now a common sight to see people constantly doing window shopping on e-commerce websites.

Internet of Things

IoT is an up-and-coming technology that has started to make its ground already. The objective of this technology is to connect all the devices of your house on a single network which can be controlled directly through your voice from any corner of the house. The idea is to use rudimentary AI technology to provide convenience in household chores.

It also adds a layer of security and protection to the house. Some tech giants have already come up with three generations of such handy devices to coordinate the appliances on a single network. All you have to do is invoke the voice assistant with some catchphrase and ask it to turn on/off any device that you want.


The communication methods have increased and improved considerably. Internet-based texting apps have captured most of the market. People now create an exclusive group of several members and communicate relevant and critical information more efficiently. Sharing and receiving images and videos has been made fairly convenient, allowing some small-scale businesses to communicate easily with their employees.

The quality of voice calls has also improved tenfold. Wifi calling mechanisms and 4G technology have now introduced HD calling features. We now hear from our loved ones in their best possible voice, which was not possible a few years ago. Video calling and conferences have allowed teams and businesses to discuss strategy with their employees anytime, anywhere. Additionally, video calling, which was considered a luxury for upper-class families, has been tricked down by every person because smartphones are equipped with a front camera.


GPS and satellite technology have helped in driving a lot. People use this technology in their cars regularly to find their desired destination effectively. It has also reduced commute time by informing drivers about the upcoming road congestion or blockades and suggests alternative routes. The cars today are also equipped with AI technology that comes in handy during long drives.

The AI helps keep within the lane and applies emergency brakes if the driver dozes off. It’s crazy how much we have improved our on-road technology that has helped save so many lives. With so much improvement in technology, it’s not uncommon to be lured by supercars. If that’s the case, we suggest you go through this article on Lottoland Asia regarding the best cars to buy if you win the lottery. This is a great article for those who want to dive into the luxury cars and their gadgets.


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