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PDF Vs. Word: Why You Need to Convert Word to PDF

PDF Vs. Word: Why You Need to Convert Word to PDF

Convert Word to PDF: Aside from other file formats that we utilize today, PDF is the most common and preferred format. PDF files are not just used by offices and firms but also used at schools, small businesses, and even at home. It became popular in 2008 when Adobe launched it, which leads to the usage of this file format globally.

There are a lot of advantages that PDF Files contributed to our daily office tasks when you compared them to other formats such as Powerpoint or Word files. In this write-up, you will be able to differentiate Word and PDF file formats. You will also be able to get to know more about PDF.

Get to Know PDF

PDF or also known as Portable Document Format was launched and developed in 1993 by Adobe. This was created so that it will not be dependent on the hardware, software, and operating system in presenting documents such as text formatting, converting Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and so on.

The Camelot project was launched by the co-founder Dr. John Warnock in 1991. This project’s mission is to conveniently allow people to send online versions of the files anywhere. It will also allow access to documents on any platform and print or view files on any device. Today, this file format is the most reliable type in any business and gains its reputation in opting to convert your file from Word to PDF.

Universal Capacity of PDF

This file format is stand-alone or will not rely on your hardware or software when utilizing it. For example, word files can be used when editing, but compatibility issues are when you use them in another operating system like Mac or laptops. Unlike PDF files, their functions and format remain the same regardless of the platforms you are using.

Besides, PDF files offer a more convenient way of accessing it to your smartphones, perfect for those who are always on the go. Aside from Adobe Reader, there are a lot of tools available such as GogoPDF and PDFBear.

PDF Guarantees Security of You Files

Secure files are the essential aspects of PDF formats, and this file supports data encryption that means you can protect it from anyone who wants to access your file. If you also transfer data online, PDF is much more secure and safer.

According to, to have reliable documents, a detectable digital footprint is visible, which is available in PDF files. And with this, PDF files become more reliable, mainly when you use it as proof in court because you can’t easily falsify and fabricate the file without using the right software.

PDF Files Are Password Protected

We can never avoid that some documents are confidential and contain sensitive information. With this, owners of the documents will undoubtedly be extra careful in allowing anyone to access their files. Thus, PDF files with tools such as PDFBear will help you put or install passwords in your files.

Putting passwords in your PDF files will help us eliminate those cybercriminals, hackers, or any malware that will allow access to our essential files. This feature enables only those who have a password to access the files or information in your PDF formatted documents.

PDF File Preserves Visual

Any visual feature incorporated into a file is expertly retained by PDF files except for Word file documents. This also implies that if there’s any font type, font size, images, external media, pictures, or textual content will be converted based on the new PDF file that’s being converted.

PDF Offers A Smaller File Size

If you’re struggling with numerous documents or several pages in your word file and will eat a lot of space in your drive, PDF files can convert your file into a smaller file size. With this, you can also prevent any delays in opening the file due to its file size, especially if you’re using an older OS for your computer.

Anyone can conveniently convert any file format to PDF that offers high quality and resolution. Even if PDF offers high-quality files, it will still occupy a lesser space where you can store it on your computer, laptops, and even smartphones.


The following advantages in using files mentioned are few PDF has to offer. Do not hesitate to convert your documents to PDF files because they are more secure, and a smaller file size makes it more convenient to use. If you also want to convert it using an online tool, PDFBear is one of the best conversion tools.

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