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Best business ideas for rural areas
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Best business ideas for rural areas

Business Ideas: While some people living in rural areas do not have access to clean drinking water, others are forced to rely on solar energy to light their homes. There is a great scope for businesses in such areas, provided that the entrepreneurs show interest in understanding what is a primary sector and then tap into the rural problems and offer solutions.

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) provides financial assistance for setting up small-scale enterprises that help improve income generation at the rural level.

Initiatives like these have led to a steady rise in demand for products manufactured by entrepreneurs in rural areas over the past few years.

Here are some incredible rural business ideas that can be launched on a full-time basis or as an afterthought.

1. Theme park:

Rural areas can also be used as an attractive location for setting up theme parks. Many people from urban areas visit these places for fun and adventure, hence this can prove to be beneficial by creating employment opportunities for people living there.

2. Water Harvesting Services

Another business that you can implement in rural areas is water harvesting services. Water harvesting is usually done with the help of rainwater collection devices such as rain barrels, cisterns, or dams. These devices collect water from rooftops and other surfaces where rainwater falls.

There are several ways to harvest water such as rooftop rainwater harvesting, surface runoff harvesting, pond harvesting, and recharge techniques. You can start your rainwater harvesting service by providing these services to farmers in rural areas. This will not only help them save money on water bills but will also increase their crop productivity by making more water available to them during droughts.

3. Battery Charging Services For Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones are present everywhere and used by everyone. In rural areas, there is a lack of reliable electricity due to power cuts and poor power supply, which creates the need for battery charging services.

This business can be started with an investment of around Rs 25,000

4. CCTV Monitoring Services For Rural Areas

CCTV systems are used in public places like banks, hospitals, shopping malls etc to monitor activities and ensure safety against theft or loss. In India, where the crime rate is rising rapidly, CCTV monitoring services are highly required in rural areas as well.

5. Dairy Farming Business:

Dairy farming is another profitable business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their own business in rural areas. It does not require much capital and infrastructure to start a dairy farm. All you need is proper knowledge about cattle farming, the milk production process and tax related issues like TCS on sale of goods.

6. Food Processing Business:

With minimum investment, food processing business can give good returns for a long period. You can start a food processing business from home as well. Most importantly, it is one of the profitable food processing ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting their business with low investment.

7. Aquaculture:

Aquaculture is another great idea that you can implement in rural areas (India). It requires less capital investment and has a high return on investment. However, you need to get proper training and education on aquaculture before starting it as a business.

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