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Gaming Chair Accessories And Spare Parts You Need To Know About

Gaming Chair Accessories And Spare Parts You Need To Know About

Even the most durable gaming chairs usually break down and need repairs at some point. Its sometimes easy to replace parts such as the armrest, wheel casters, or the gas lift spring. As long as it’s minor faults like these, you won’t need to buy a new chair.

With the proper knowledge of gaming chair spare parts and a little skill, you can repair some defective parts and save some money. If you have to purchase replacement parts for your gaming parts, it will help if you understand which part is which. This will readily help you tell the customer service assistant which part you need and the exact chair model, even for a mesh gaming chair, and they will quickly find you the right one. Here is a list of accessories and gaming chair spare parts you should know about.

Caster wheel

If the casters of your gaming chair need replacing, then consider the following; what is the weight capacity of your chair, do you roll your chair a lot, and what floor type do you roll the chair on?

Also, please note that smaller wheels don’t roll as easily. However, the bigger the casters, the better and easier they roll, especially on thick carpets.

Chair wheelbase

The base of your gaming chair is the foundation on which the chair and everything else is built. Excellent artistry and quality are essential for the stability, comfort, and security of your gaming chair.

The resilience and quality of the chair base will depend on the material which it’s made of. With a good gaming chair, the base will last you many years but should it break; it’s easily replaceable.

Gas lift spring

A defective gas spring that’s not working needs replacing altogether. It’s essential to note that you should never try o repair the gas spring or tamper with it. This is because the gas spring part is usually under pressure, and there is a high risk of harming yourself.

Most gaming chairs are fitted with a standard gas spring of diameter 1.1″/2,” and the stroke is usually around 5 to 6 inches. When you are ordering for the gas spring online, ensure that the diameter you are buying matches that of your gaming chair. You can measure the old gas spring as a reference.

The armrest

Your gaming chair armrests probably endure the most amount of stress and will wear faster. If the adjustment mechanism of your armrest no longer works or it seems wobbly, it’s easy to replace the old part with replacement armrests.

Armrest cushion

Many ordinary and cheaper gaming chairs have armrests made of plastic that can become very uncomfortable after a while.  But if you buy soft foam padded armrests, they provide extra comfort and will relieve pressure points.

Lumbar support pillow

The lumbar support pillow is essential because it will support your lower back areas and ensures an ergonomically correct sitting posture. Gamers who sit for long hours while gaming shouldn’t do so without lumbar support.

Knowing and understanding some of the gaming chair spare parts and accessories will save you a ton of time and money when you need to buy replacements.

Review Gaming Chair Accessories And Spare Parts You Need To Know About.

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