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5 Tips for Running A TikTok Contest

5 Tips for Running A TikTok Contest

You want to generate brand awareness and get more followers, right? Running a TikTok contest is one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost user engagement and increase your number of fans. And it’s easy! Just pose a simple challenge or task to your followers with the possibility for them to win a prize from you in the form of a product, services, or discounts. And then sit back and watch how many responses you get! With the 800 million users on TikTok to date, running a contest is a no-brainer for your marketing strategy with using the buy TikTok followers services. Below are some tips for how to get your TikTok contest up and running!

Offer a great prize

You will probably give away your product as a gift – people love to get hooked up with free stuff! If your company is service-oriented, maybe offer a free service or consult or a discount on a service. Gift cards are also a great prize because they’re free money for the winners and guarantee sales for you!

Clearly lay out the rules

To ensure there is no confusion or claims to unlawful conduct, clearly state the terms and conditions of your contest upfront. These would include the dates of the contest, restrictions (if any) on who can enter, contact information, guidelines to enter, and how the winner will be notified. Check out TikTok’s Promotion Guidelines, just to be sure you are in full compliance.

Make it a regular thing

One great thing about contests is you can host them whenever you want, and for whatever reason. Seasonal contests are great because you can run them regularly, and people may even come to expect and look forward to them. Kick-off summer (winter, spring, or fall); celebrate a holiday, an anniversary, or a milestone; take the edge off going back to school, an interminable rainy season, or just mid-week boredom. There are tons of reasons to run a contest!


Creating a hashtag for your contest is a great way to make people aware that you’ve got something going on and to increase participation and engagement. Be sure the hashtag is catchy, short, and related to the contest so that it can be used just in this particular instance and won’t get confused with something you’ve used before or might want to use in the future.

Spread the word

People can’t participate in your contest if they don’t know about it! Send emails specifically promoting your contest and letting people know how to get involved. Ask your loyalists to pass your email along and get the word out! You can also use other social media platforms to announce you’re having a TikTok contest and thereby widen your reach. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are great places to do this. If you’ve got a blog or website, cross-promote there as well to capture another sector of your audience.

Whatever format you choose, hosting a contest is a win-win: you increase fan support and brand recognition while your fans get great swag. With the tips above, you’re on your way to a great contest. Good luck and may the best post win!

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