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Mindful Marketing – Why Combine Conscious or Mindful Marketing into your Strategy?

Mindful Marketing – Why Combine Conscious or Mindful Marketing into your Strategy?

Mindful Marketing will Help you Improve Your Brand Image

If before the coronavirus, mindful marketing was the significant trend of 2020, after the Covid-19, it is even more so. And, after months of pandemic and uncertainty, one thing has become clear: consumers want companies to commit to people and stay true to their values.

It is useless to declare themselves defenders of those most in need if they look the other way when the opportunity to help them arises. Or that they advocate respect for the environment if, instead of being ecological and sustainable, they carry out practices that harm the planet. Their actions must be compatible with the message they project to their clients, and both must be aligned with people and their environment.

And this is precisely one of the pillars on which mindful marketing or conscious marketing is based: the real commitment to people and their needs.

But what exactly is Mindful Marketing?

Inspired by the principles of mindfulness, this type of marketing aims to connect companies and customers and do so in a conscious, close, and honest way. Doing this puts people and their needs at the center of its actions: it empathizes with the social and environmental causes that mobilize its target audience, commits to them, and integrates them into the business itself, providing added value to products and services.

It is not a strategy to sell more or a pose. It is a set of measures that seek to strengthen ties between the company and consumers at the same time as improving the planet and the day-to-day life of its inhabitants.

We cannot forget that, for mindful marketing to be effective and real, the values that the company assumes must be completely aligned with its philosophy and accompany each of its actions. Consumers must be aware at all times that, in addition to purchasing a product or service, they are contributing to a social cause.

Mindful marketing

Basics of Mindful Marketing

The Person as the Protagonist

Without a doubt, this is the maxim of mindful marketing. Therefore, in addition to taking into account citizens’ concerns and needs, listen to what they have to say. Doing so enhances the dialogue with customers, takes their suggestions into account, and evolves as they do.

The message matters

In conscious marketing, what is said matters but also how it is said. Techniques such as copywriting or storytelling help convey the message in a close and Creative Planning with adobe creative cloud is also one of the vital thing.

Treat the cause and not the symptom

As we have commented previously, mindful marketing avoids poses. Therefore, it focuses on the causes that originate it and not on the symptoms when addressing problems. You don’t want to patch it up; you want to find solutions.

Above all, transparency

One of the defining characteristics of mindful marketing is transparency. Consumers must know the values of each brand, and companies must be consistent with them.

Conscious consumption

Mindful marketing wants people to consume but do so consciously. They must know that, behind each purchase, there is a commitment on the part of the company. This can be aligned with your values or, on the contrary, be opposite to them.

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Benefits of Mindful Marketing

Increase prescribers

Consumers no longer purchase a product or service solely for the direct benefits it brings them. They do so because of the commitment to social, environmental, and humanitarian responsibility behind each of them, which allows them to identify with the brand.

They know that, with their purchase, they are contributing to a good cause. And, without a doubt, there is no better motivation to be faithful to a brand and to recommend it than to share values and principles.

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Improve brand identity

It is difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest in an increasingly globalized society and stand out from the competition. Many times, the only thing that distinguishes one company from another is its principles. That is why it is so important to integrate mindful marketing into a company’s strategy.

Connecting with causes such as ecology, equality, or social responsibility, in addition to increasing our engagement, we managed to improve our brand identity. We stopped being a company that sells T-shirts, cars, or food at home to become an entity that supports children from developing countries, people with cancer, or the planet’s defense.


All businesses need to sell to survive. There’s no doubt. However, the way they do it can be completely different depending on the strategies they use to achieve it. Mindful marketing, unlike traditional, goes beyond financial gain. It takes people and their needs into account at all times.

This way of doing and understanding marketing is reflected in its message – closer and more transparent – but also in the relationship with the customer. He encourages dialogue and active listening, attends to their demands, is close. All this helps to strengthen ties between the company and the client and to humanize the brand.

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