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WooCommerce Pre-Launch Checklist: 4 Essentials To Implement

WooCommerce Pre-Launch Checklist: 4 Essentials To Implement

Before launching your new WooCommerce store, you need to make sure that it’s secure and stable, and that everything is running smoothly. Great maintenance is the key to protecting your company’s operations and reputation, as well as securing a stable income.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or you are re-launching a new theme for your store and aren’t sure you have it all figured out, here are four tips you should follow. They will enable your shop to remain successful and get your sales to grow in time.

WooCommerce inventory

WooCommerce inventory

When you have physical products to sell, you also have the inventory you need to manage properly. Effective WooCommerce inventory management is crucial if you want your customers to be satisfied, and it guarantees that every order is proper and valid.

Your numbers have to be in order and updated repeatedly. Doing it once a day is a good idea.

Adding an inventory extension to your store makes your job easier. It allows you to inspect your inventory numbers quickly, and multiple product numbers can be updated all at once. This way, you synchronize between physical and online stores, manage your payments, and keep your numbers in order.

Making sure that your website is secure and backed up can ease your mind and let you focus on the products themselves. You cannot afford to ever lose inventory data, orders, or customer information. With a good backup, you’ll always be able to restore your data, no matter what happens.

Support ticketing system

Owning a support ticketing system allows you to manage customer support tickets through your email easily, with as many details as possible. Running a WooCommerce business can be complex, and having a ticketing system can help you build an effective workflow.

With it, it becomes easier to track personal cases of customer support than via standard email, and it monitors every support case all from a single interface. That way, you can avoid mistakes, resolve problems more efficiently, and even collaborate with the other support agents from your team.

Support ticketing system saves your time by serving customers more quickly and accurately. Every member of your team gets to contribute to customer support, and it tracks your performance by giving you insightful reports.

You have two options when choosing a WordPress support ticketing system. You can choose a WordPress plugin or a SaaS solution. With a WordPress plugin, your data and customer support system are all incorporated into your website. You can include multiple users at a flat annual fee, and it’s cheaper.

If you choose a SaaS solution, your information is on a third-party server, and often, there are limits on the usage. It increases your price for every additional user, unlike the WordPress plugin.

Inspect checkout process and shipping

Inspect checkout process and shipping

Try doing a test order to ensure that everything is working correctly. This includes the product, cart, checkout process, shipping, and payment options.

Make sure that the cart updates by adding and removing products, test coupon codes if your store uses them, and inspect if they’re calculated correctly at the checkout page. Doing a test purchase will give you an insight into what needs to be done better and how to fix some mistakes you may have.

Your shipping zones and options have to be configured and updated regularly. Ensure that every product on your website has accurate shipping rates, and if you have free shipping somewhere, see if everything works properly. You can use shipment tracking information to speed up the process.

For the payment options, having as many as possible makes your payment process easier and gives your customers a chance to choose. Also, canceling purchases because of insufficient payment methods will be avoided. Do a test order and secure your website so that your customers feel safe when entering their credit card data.

Scan malware and filter spam

Malware is a very serious issue. If your store goes offline, customers get confused and disorganized, your sales stop, and it becomes an emergency issue.

By doing security scans regularly and monitoring your website, you keep it safe from malware and watch for any site errors. Reports can be used to check for potential trouble and address any mistakes before anything happens. It will immediately alert you that you have a malware threat so you can take care of it before customers notice anything.

Also, filter all spam reviews and comments you run into because they harm your website’s reputation and can even slow it down. By analyzing it regularly, you can remove anything inappropriate.

Some tools can help you manage spam and make your process of checking out everything easier. With them, you can ensure that spam comments don’t happen again. Don’t forget to always review comments and suggestions, and provide feedback when needed.


Launching a new WooCommerce store takes a lot of work, so it can be easy to miss something. Don’t wait for issues to sneak in and let your customers tell you that you have a problem. Being proactive makes all the difference, so put time and effort into keeping your website safe and functional.

When potential customers visit your website, grab their attention and show high-quality products. That way, you show them your company is professional. With the right support and technology, your online store will thrive.

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