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What is Technology? Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology [2020]
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What is Technology? Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology [2020]

The concept of technology can be quite vast since it has been present in humanity from the invention of utensils, tools, and techniques.

The simplest definition refers to a series of knowledge applied to solve a specific problem. If it is understood as the search for the satisfaction of needs, it covers all daily life fields.

What is Technology?

The definition of technology is usually associated with the industrial revolution, machines, Tics, and electronic components. To make a differentiation, we can classify it into 2 groups:

Soft: They call it that because it uses the humanistic sciences to reach conclusions that can be beneficial. It covers more theoretical aspects in order to improve processes, models, theories, and services. Subjects such as psychology, sociology, economics, marketing, and more are responsible for producing non-tangible solutions that can positively affect.

It lasts: It is based on knowledge such as physics, chemistry, maths, and other associated knowledge to understand the world around us and provide solutions. In addition to theoretical applications, it includes tangible resources, such as consumer material goods that make life easier and other more specialized devices for the industry.

What is Technology for?

If we focus on current technology, we can say that it fulfills a fundamental task in humanity’s development. Since it covers all the basic aspects of society, it contributes to improving our well-being. Thus, it has a decisive influence on food, health, work, construction management, the economy, communication, entertainment, business, and much more.

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We live in a digital age that is altering old customs and replacing rudimentary practices with new ones. This transformation of reality is now considered disruptive because it can have both advantages and disadvantages for daily living. Among its most notable benefits, we highlight:

  • It serves to streamline and automate processes in any context.
  • Optimize industrial productivity by promoting applications for the efficient use of resources.
  • It influences the way of doing things, opening spaces for other professions or careers.
  • It favors self-taught learning through its multiple tools.
  • The use of it can be to produce renewable energy, ecological materials, and less polluting techniques for sustainable purposes.
  • It drives globalization by spreading local cultures and integrating national perspectives.
  • It improves efficiency models, which increases the immediacy to do activities or receive attention.

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There is no doubt that technology represents a significant advance in many ways, but it also has negative effects:

  • Create a generation gap between those who were born in the digital age and those who were not.
  • The abuse of tablets, PCs, smartphones, and other devices affects the health of the youngest.
  • The preference for machines generates social pathologies due to its influence on the way of experiencing the world.
  • It encourages empathy, isolation, and also decreases human interaction at various levels.
  • It affects short-term memory, keeps people away from exercise because they prefer a sedentary lifestyle, and limits mental exercise.
  • In obtaining natural resources for technological devices, excessive mineral, and promotes labor exploitation.
  • It dramatically affects new forms of work, favoring automation with robots and excluding unskilled personnel.

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