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Software –  What is it, Uses and Different Types of Software
What Is

Software – What is it, Uses and Different Types of Software

What is Software?

The use of the term “Software” is in electronic data processing and describes various programs and digital data as a collective term. If you come across this term, it is the broadest sense about everything related to computers, game consoles, and all digital devices.

Software is generally the opposite of hardware. While the latter is an umbrella term for all computer systems components that you can actually touch, it describes everything that happens on the hardware components.

It is also defined as the set of all programs that are used to operate a computer. However, the software includes not only the program code in general but also data and the documentation belonging to the it. Compared to hardware, the software is immaterial, which means that you cannot touch it. You can even change the software slightly compared to hardware: You have to convert your PC with new components – software, on the other hand, can be easily installed and uninstalled on the device.


It is stored in almost all electronic devices that execute specific functions or commands at the push of a button.

These include:

  • computer
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Washing machines
  • TV
  • Navigation systems

The software programs for all these devices are stored on a small hardware chip and can be called up at any time. If the operator presses a specific button (e.g., the washing program Delicates at 30 ° C on a washing machine), the chip calls up the software and processes the parts programmed in it to the end.


Below is the list of the different software types, including its examples

[Packaged Software]

  • The use of [packaged software] is common in computers.
  • It’s examples in the computer are Windows, Microsoft Office, or backup software.
  • The programs are usually delivered fully programmed to the end customer and contain all the necessary functions.

[Open-source Software]

  • Open-source is freely available and free of charge.
  • A community of multiple programmers creates and maintains programs like open office .
  • And also with PHP and other Web applications is open source.
  • Open source is often also a component to extend existing programs such as [packaged software] to perform certain functions.

[Consultant/business Software]

  • If you take a closer look at [consultant and business software], it is strictly one of the packaged IT systems.
  • Software companies with professional programmers create these special programs which the operations of a particular company ideally suited are.
  • For example, cloud-based workflow management software, it is an superior platform that offers flexible tools to improve the way you work. It gives you the opportunity to optimally design and optimize workflows, find redundant tasks, automate work processes, identify potential for improvement and achieve new levels of efficiency.

[Embedded Software]

  • Embedded is permanently integrated into hardware or devices and can, therefore, no longer be changed.
  • The use of Embedded is, for example, in navigation systems or on-board computers in cars.

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