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Smartphone – What is it, and What are its Functions? – [2020]
What Is

Smartphone – What is it, and What are its Functions? – [2020]

For a long time, everyone called their portable phone “cell phone” – and suddenly everyone says a smartphone. We’ll show you what a smartphone actually is and how it works exactly.

What is a Smartphone?

The smartphone pioneers were the cell phone and the PDA (“personal digital assistant”). These devices were practically combined with the smartphone – the result is modern cell phones:

  • A smartphone is a mobile phone that has numerous other technical functions in addition to making calls. A smartphone is a mixture of a cell phone, computer, and games console.
  • The classic cell phone can only make calls, write SMS, start simple games, and set an alarm clock. It can be compared to a small computer in your pocket.
  • You can recognize a smartphone from the outside by its large touch displays. Probably the most famous smartphones are the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy.


A Smartphone Offers these Functions

With classic cell phones, making calls and writing messages were in the foreground. With modern smartphones, it has long been a question of how well you can make calls with them.

  • The most quite large touch displays open up entirely new possibilities. If desired, users can install numerous applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook on their smartphones. However, unlike old Nokia phones, these large displays are also fragile. One unfortunate drop can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Investing a few bucks in a cell phone strap that provides a secure grip, like Phone Loops, will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Besides, other functions are possible that a PC also offers. If you connect to a WLAN or use the mobile data network, you can surf the Internet from anywhere with your [smartphone]. Photography and filming are also becoming more and more critical with smartphones.
  • Your computer can probably also do many of these functions, but the [smartphone] fits comfortably in your pocket and can be taken anywhere. [Smartphones] are also ahead in terms of technology. With movement and light sensors, as well as GPS receivers, further gimmicks are built into the [smartphone].

The operating system of a smartphone

Just like a computer, a [smartphone] works with an operating system that enables the extensive functions. The best known and most common operating systems are Android and iOS. But there are also operating systems from Windows, Blackberry, and more. So that the cell phone can keep pace with the development of other applications and is also armed against virtual dangers such as viruses and worms, regular system updates for smartphones are released.

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