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Smartdesk 3 AI – World’s First AI-Powered Standing Desk

Smartdesk 3 AI – World’s First AI-Powered Standing Desk

SmartDesk 3 AI: The world is ready for a SmartDesk, It’s 2020, but our workspaces haven’t evolved like most of the things we associate with on a daily basis, like our smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes.”

SmartDesk 3 AI is an automatic smartworking desk that follows you throughout the day, changes shape, motivates, and supports you. It is the world’s first AI-powered standing desk.

The work scenarios emerging in this period (and could last even longer) see agile work increasingly considered.

Often it is an “agility” in name only, however. Long hours at the desk risk transforming smartworking into a form of modern torture capable of mortifying our body and mind. We would need a smartworking desk capable of adapting to our work rhythms. And this is where Autonomous’ SmartDesk 3 AI standalone desk comes in.

SmartDesk 3 AI is a precious and dynamic work companion. The smart furniture of the Californian company literally changes function. Move from a sitting form to a standing position to improve health and productivity.

Assistant at Work

The smartworking desk is equipped with an electric motor and sensors that measure our activity in real-time. Obviously, it can measure our time spent sitting, and automatically “rise” to let us continue the work standing.

A touch display completes the system, transforming SmartDesk 3 AI into a real control center… of oneself. It is possible to order lunch (the system connects with all delivery services), and the desk will remember our favorite dishes.

SmartDesk 3, Proximity Colleague

That’s not all; this smartDesk also predicts fatigue or dehydration and alerts you when it’s time to stop, or slow down, or drink some water.

Smartdesk 3 AI

The smartworking desk also syncs with your Google Calendar to keep you going through your routine and keep you motivated.

In summary, SmartDesk 3 is exactly a smartworking desk, a system that allows you to work smarter and more productively.

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