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5 SEO Trends you should Consolidate into your Business
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5 SEO Trends you should Consolidate into your Business

SEO Trends: SEO for voice searches will give visibility to your brand. Have you ever looked for information on the second page of Google? Neither do your clients. 70% of users concentrate their queries on the first page of this search engine. Hence, it is so important to be in the top positions of Google. Therefore, consider hiring an SEO Consulting Company that will help you rank higher in the search engine results.

Because, in the same way, that new technologies change, so does the way we have to search for information and consume it. These changes are reflected in SEO, increasingly sophisticated, and focused on attracting quality users. And also, increasingly important to your company’s success.

Do you want to know the most relevant ones? watch out our 5 SEO trends that you should incorporate in your business.

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1. Consider Voice Search

It does not take an SEO expert to realize that more and more people are using the voice to search the Internet. Such is the height of this trend that Google estimates that, in 2020, 50% of searches will be made through this medium.

Of course, if the way of consulting is transformed, the web content must do it too. It will have to be focused on the new way of searching for users: more conversational, more extensive, and based on questions as the doe site provides.   It will also be necessary to offer the best answer to the Internet user, regardless of the device they use to search.

To give you an idea of ​​the type of search that is already being done, we give you an example. Instead of unrelated words such as “Sagrada Familia hotels,” the user will elaborate a question to ask: “What hotels are near the Sagrada Familia?”.

Your corporate website must include activation words such as “how,” “what,” or “where” and respond to user queries.

2. Don’t Forget About the Visual Search

Has it ever happened to you: look for a hotel or an article of clothing and use the images to do it instead of the text? You are not the only one. More and more users make their queries taking photographs as a reference.

That is why it is vital to optimize the images on your website and consider aspects such as their size, resolution, text describing the photograph, or the loading speed. Only in this way will you get them to rank on Google and appear on this search engine’s first pages.

3. Take care of the SEO of your Videos

After Google, YouTube is the most widely used search engine on the Internet. Despite this, few companies develop an SEO strategy to position their videos on this platform.

As in Google, aspects such as the quality of the content, the text we use to describe it, the keywords with which we tag it, or advertising are key for your videos to occupy the top positions on YouTube.

4. Adapt your Website to Mobile

Do you know that more than half of online searches are made from a mobile phone? Google is aware of this and takes it into account when rewarding or penalizing websites. Since 2015, the American giant has punished those pages that are not adapted to this device.

With these types of actions, what you are looking for is to improve the user’s browsing experience. If you want your website to go down in Google, optimize your business page for the Smartphone. Also, do not forget to check other essential aspects, such as loading speed or local SEO.

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5. Worry About Security

More than 80% of Internet users confess that they would abandon a website if they do not have a security certificate. Does your page have it? If not, there is a possibility that your potential customers enter your corporate page and stop browsing it when they realize that it is not very secure. And worse still: they may, from there, be suspicious of your company and your brand image may be harmed.

If you want to avoid that your clients’ trust is diminished and you wish to upload positions in Google. Then, you must follow the https protocol and have the SSL security certificate, guaranteeing that your website is secure and that the data transmission is encrypted.

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