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Five Rolex Watches to Liven Up Your Everyday Attire

Five Rolex Watches to Liven Up Your Everyday Attire

As the current largest luxury watchmaking company globally, Rolex provides the wrist of many with high caliber timepieces and different variations of chronographs. It allows people to tackle different types of outfits to match their wristwatches. This way, Rolex changes the way people look at their everyday businesses and significantly impact their lives.

Through Rolex’s different collection series, people faced various options to choose from and decide what watch look they would thrive to go for. Rolex also made watches with other purposes that can suit certain types of hobbies, so they can wear the device without any worries about it ever taking any damage from their activities.

Rolex Submariner Men’s Watch

Rolex also caters to the people who love water sports or activities through this men’s watch from the Submariner Collection series. It boasts a lively blue dial with an arrow and round indexes and Mercedes’s hands. The current date is displayed in the three o’clock position. The vibrant blue dive bezel further amplifies the presence of this submariner timepiece.

The case and the bracelet band are both made with stainless steel to protect the timepiece’s inner workings while providing a level of comfort to the wearer’s wrist. It can survive a depth of a thousand feet or 300 meters for a continuous operation of 70 hours. This luxury timepiece from Rolex Submariner amounts to ¥1,709,000 or 16,548.

Rolex Datejust Jubilee Ladies Watch

These ladies watch another masterpiece from Rolex using expensive and high-quality raw materials. Its white dial comes with Roman numeral indexes and sword hands with the current date on the three o’clock position. The yellow gold color can be seen throughout the whole timepiece, from the indexes, hands, bezel, and bracelet band.

Both the case and the bracelet band were made of stainless steel with a solid back to strengthen the piece’s protective covering. It also has a commendable water resistance of up to 100 meters, so wearers can swim even without removing the timepiece. This watch from the Datejust collection is worth ¥1,027,182 or $9,892.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladies Watch

It is a sports watch from the Oyster Perpetual Rolex collection made for ladies. It is made of stainless steel from the case to the bracelet band, which protects the timepiece’s interior and assures comfort to the wearer’s wrist. It is water-resistant for a hundred meters underwater and can maintain the fullest operation for 55 hours.

It features a polished pink dial adorned with white baton index and white baton hands. The wristwatch’s simple overall appearance is the reason for its catchy style, which is different from the distinctive and elaborate ones. You can have this simple yet sexy watch for only ¥662,637 or $6,381.

Rolex Yacht-Master Watch

Yacht-Master is another Rolex collection series that caters to another hobby, yacht racing. It has a black dial featuring its rose gold-toned arrow and round index indicators and rose gold-toned Mercedes hands. The watch also shows the current date on its three o’clock position.

The 40 mm Rolex watch is made of stainless steel from the case to its bracelet band to provide sturdy protection for its mechanisms and comfort the wrist. Its rose-gold yacht timer bezel indicates the time left before the race’s actual starting time. It costs ¥1,549,273 or $14,919.

Rolex GMT Master II

Going out of the country and worrying about your time tracking and precision? The GMT Master II, collection series of Rolex, got you covered. This watch has a GMT or World Time Bezel to tell your home country’s current time and the current time on where you are in the present. The GMT bezel’s blue and red color aids in shifting your focus towards the bezel.

It has a white crystal dial with an arrow and round index markers and Breguet hands with a luminescent finish. The watch case and its bracelet band are both made with white gold and a solid back to protect the timepiece’s interior and ensure that the wearer is comfortable while wearing it.

This watch can only survive a depth of 100 meters, so you can only enjoy swimming in pools and shallow waters that can last for 70 hours. This luxury watch right here costs ¥5,727,182 or $55,154.


Rolex became an enormous luxury watchmaking brand because of its timepieces with various designs and unique features that cater to every hobby. If you are trying to find the watch you need, and without any worries, Rolex should be your go-to guy with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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