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Most Fabulous Options Available with Rolex Daytona Luxury Watches

Most Fabulous Options Available with Rolex Daytona Luxury Watches

Since 1908, the luxurious brand watch Rolex has carried countless pioneering technological revolutions to their industry, and they are not stopping. Famous as a mechanical watch manufacturer, Rolex has significance, functional designs, and dependability reinforced by the highly skilled technical force found in all their watch collections, including Daytona.

Rolex launched their watch line Daytona. It has been successful because of its unique, striking features designed for the auto racers in the most popular auto racing realm in Daytona Beach in Florida. There are 36 Rolex Daytona models available, but we came down to a list of the most fabulous options from the line we genuinely adore.

116518LN: Golden Yellow Cosmograph Rolex Daytona

First, the Rolex Daytona line is Cosmograph 116518 men’s luxury watch in the golden yellow dial. Its aesthetics are so beguiling that it became irresistibly every racer favorite from all other timepieces. The ceramic dial with stick type index in a lighter shade and minute hands in gold and black combination makes the device even more desirable.

It is crafted with three sub-dials, which rendered a noticeable classy look while on the track. Additionally, the 40 mm dial has an excellent automatic 4130 caliber, with up to 72-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance. An auto-racer will love this watch as it can measure car speeds up to 400 kmph. Thus it boasts both elegance and power.

116503: Gold Cosmograph Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona 116503 is brilliantly made using Rolex patent mark Rolesor in oyster steel and 18 CT yellow blend. It has a mother of pearl dial to add beauty to its gold and steel property combinations so it can stand out from the crowd. Its bracelet is hewn using high-end technology like any other Rolex watch.

Plus, its fixed bezel is made with 18K gold with engraved tachymeter steel. This round 40 mm timepiece has an excellent automatic 4130 caliber, with up to 72-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance. Lastly, it aims to be highly resistant to daily use with its scratch-resistant sapphire and crystal triple-lock rivet down crown.

116506: Platinum Cosmograph Rolex Daytona

This Rolex is one of a kind royals watch. It wonderfully features an ice blue platinum dial with rectangular diamond markers, luminous silver-tone hands, and a silver bracelet. The watch was designed with a brilliant but straightforward sunburst dial to ensure each racer wearing it can track strategies and times quickly and accurately to improve its functionality.

Auto-racers will surely applaud that unmatchable time accuracy and efficient light push sunburst button. This 30.50 mm timepiece has an excellent automatic 4130 caliber, with up to 72-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance with excellent protection by scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and triple-lock rivet down crown.

116519LN: Black Cosmograph Rolex Daytona with 18ct White Gold and Diamonds

This 40mm piece is for men with black dial and diamond indexes encased in round-shaped and 18-carat white gold to add beauty to this masterpiece. The watch sets itself apart with three sub-dial; on the 3 o’clock position is the 30 minute counter, on the 12 o’clock place is the second’s hand sub-dial, and on the 9 o’clock in the 12 hour counter sub-dial.

It has scratches free sapphire crystals glass and a fixed bezel, durable and highly scratch resilient. This watch is truly an excellent investment with an automatic caliber of 4130, 72-hour power reserve, and 100m water-resistant. You are surely pleased over the timepiece, just like we are with how well it has been crafted and has manufactured.

116515LN: Black Cosmograph Rolex Daytona 18ct Everose Gold

This Rolex 116515LN Daytona has a bold black dial with Everose gold minute hands, diamond index hour markers, and equipped with evenly placed three sub-dials placed. The wristwatch is enclosed in 18k Everose gold to spice up its beauty with durability. Also, it has small snail counter indexes, pink and jet black dial, and stick hand markers to create a dignified look.

Further, in the watch, glass is sapphire crystals to stay firm from scratches and reflection. This watch is genuinely given its automatic caliber of 4130, 72 hours power reserve, and 100m water resistance. Lastly, its band strap or bracelet is prepared with flexible metal blades over-molded with extraordinary performance elastomers.


Certainly, Daytona is one of the most eye-catching lines of Rolex. The integrated corrosion resistance with vitality on every model is like a cherry on top of the cake. So, if you have an eye for this series, then you have made a declaration that you know how to tell what is majestic from what’s not, and thus, happy watches shopping!

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Review Most Fabulous Options Available with Rolex Daytona Luxury Watches.

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