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Reasons to Plan SEO Strategies for Shopify

Reasons to Plan SEO Strategies for Shopify

Brick-and-mortar stores are a world apart from online stores, though there is one important common factor, the customer. Shopify is a highly recommended e-commerce platform, and it is the most preferred choice of online sellers for setting up their online stores. If yours is a Shopify online store and you’d like to plan your SEO for Shopify, read on.

Did you know that Shopify features the basics for on-page SEO optimisation? Also, Shopify provides a backend user interface that makes it easy to make any changes you want on on-page SEO.

Aim for Better Search Engine Rankings

Thanks to Shopify’s user-friendly features, which have made it a most sought-after e-commerce store that offers a myriad of SEO benefits for online businesses. What makes SEO for Shopify so crucial is that it helps keep the costs down. It is relatively inexpensive to improve search engine rankings with keyword research using practical tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

Shopify SEO for Better Brand Positioning

Today’s millennials turn to the Internet whenever they want to search for a product and check the prices, quality, alternatives, and product reviews before purchasing. Almost 75 per cent of users rely on digital channels to search for a reliable product. However, no one has the patience to put up with a slow-loading page of a website.

That’s why your brand needs to appear on the first page of results, which instantly adds credibility to your brand. Merely appearing on the first page adds so much authenticity to your brand. Hence, it is crucial to improve page ranking for your Shopify store for better brand positioning.

Higher Volume of Sales

When your website attracts more users because of the brand awareness created by SEO, it leads to increased sales. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar company or an online sales portal, the very aim of any business is to increase sales and profits in a short time. Thanks to SEO, you gain better visibility, leading to increased sales.

Monthly Searches and Competitors

The average monthly searches indicate the search volume and using keywords with the highest search volume helps. When searches increase, traffic also increases, leading to better conversion. You may want to use popular keyword finding tools, which auto-completes searches and gives appropriate keywords.

Better Customer Reviews

Studies indicate that the power of reviews shapes customer behaviour. It further suggests that 95% of the customers reading online reviews have had a dramatic effect on the way they make their purchase decisions. Reviews are one of the most potent forms of customer engagement. It has been established that online reviews have a significant and quantifiable impact on purchase decisions.

It is needless to mention that more customer reviews relate to increased sales. Unless your customers are delighted because of a fantastic customer experience, how would they give a positive review? Also, customer reviews help establish your brand credibility. One particular study indicates that when a product has 50 or more positive reviews, there is a subsequent increase in conversion rates by 4.6 per cent. This cycle, complementing reviews and sales, helps your company establish your brand and increase overall profits.

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Summing it Up

One important point to remember is that before you think of SEO for Shopify, your website needs to be indexed. Google’s crawlers may not crawl and scan your pages as they go by content and visibility. The best way to increase visibility is to use the appropriate keywords and optimise your content. Also, if you can’t find time to do the optimisation yourself, there is a better and way efficient choice of outsourcing your SEO tasks to an agency providing the service. If done so, you could save your time as well as the trouble of going through these processes.

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