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Project Management in E-commerce: Shipping, Warehouse, and Automation Now

Project Management in E-commerce: Shipping, Warehouse, and Automation Now

Project Management in E-commerce: Whether small businesses or corporations with thousands of employees – projects everywhere are both a blessing and a curse. If you’ve already completed one or the other campaign, you will surely know one of the biggest hurdles: coordinating day-to-day business. Sentences like: “ That is not possible without additional resources,” or: “ How should I bring all of this under one roof?” They are well-known companions of every project manager.

At first glance, it does not necessarily make sense that the key to success can lie in choosing the right merchandise management system (WaWi). But in the second, it makes perfect sense. This article shows how well-structured processes prevent you and your employees from working up a sweat. You will also find out how fundamentally the decision for a specific WaWi will affect your company’s future development.

Effective Project Management and Business Development

In our fast-moving world, standing still is the inevitable death of a company. Just a few decades ago, employees had to enter invoices laboriously and stock levels in Excel tables – today, it is modern to use new, technical tools for accounting. Markets are being turned upside down by innovations, and networking through the Internet makes it easier than ever to start a company.

Online retailers, in particular, have to adapt to rapid technological progress. Effective project management is always based on three pillars:

The three project management pillars


Ask yourself what your specific goals are and write down what you want to achieve with them. Which areas in your company are affected by changes, and how do customers, partners, or employees benefit from them? What resources do you need, and what tasks does the project pose for you? Record all required activities in individual work packages and assign them to specific employees or teams.

Planning - project management

Once the work steps have been clarified, determine when they will be implemented. It makes sense to put all tasks in chronological order. Notice whether different work steps influence one another or build on one another. Then set a start date and a completion date for each instruction – this will help you measure the progress of the project later.


It is necessary to establish clear communication channels for employees that are used regularly. These ensure that all actors are aware of the progress and their tasks. As a project manager, you can also identify and eliminate hurdles and concerns at an early stage and motivate employees specifically for their work.

A project stands or falls with the participants’ enthusiasm, and communication is the key to increasing it. Regular meetings, newsletters, and reports convey progress and success. Besides, the use of it can be to occasionally thank the project team.



The project manager should know who has to do what at all times. In the case of substantial projects, it carries out the tasks almost exclusively by the project staff. On the other hand, the project manager concentrates on assigning tasks and adhering to individual deadlines. In smaller projects, project management may take on operational tasks.

Can the Automation of Shipping, Warehousing, and Accounting Really Wait?

Each of your projects will bring a learning effect. You can improve, expand, and make your company competitive. You will have to make compromises that bring time, costs, and quality under one roof. These three factors describe the magic triangle of project management. Every decision you make lies somewhere within the triangle. The three aspects are usually weighted differently – less magically and more logically.

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