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PMP as a Career Choice

PMP as a Career Choice

A project manager plays a very crucial role in the success of a project. He/She overlooks the project from its initiation to its completion. Over the past few years, the demand for people skilled in project management has been increasing. The basic principles of project management are leading, planning, organizing, controlling, securing, and managing the resources to achieve the business goals within the deadline. A project manager should have a variety of skills including problem-solving skills, leadership, and mentorship. If you wish to become a project management expert, you may obtain PMP certification online. Here, we discuss why getting a PMP certification is a good career choice for you if you wish to become a successful project manager.

The Gap between Demand and Supply of Skilled Professionals

There is a huge gap between organizations’ demands for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals suitable for these roles. There has been an increase in the number of jobs requiring project-oriented skills. Hence, project management skill is at the forefront of lucrative opportunities. There is a push to encourage more talent to enter relevant professions in order to narrow the gap. PMP certification shows that you possess the required set of skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of an organization. It gives you real-world experience and knowledge to start your professional journey in project management.

Financially Rewarding Career

The salaries of project managers are higher than non-project-oriented roles. A PMP certification bolsters the salary level. According to the ninth edition of PMI’s biennial report, the salaries of PMP certified practitioners are 20 percent higher on average than non-certified practitioners. The annual salary of project managers in around 10 countries ranges between $90,000 to $133,605. PMP is a globally recognized certification and gives you a chance to work in reputed organizations.

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More Job Openings

It is expected that there will be around 22 million project manager job openings by 2027. There are many paths to becoming a project manager, but since PMP certification is highly valued among top organizations, it becomes a deciding criterion for a good career opportunity.  The job openings in the leading sectors, which are, manufacturing and construction, Finance and Insurance, Management and Professional Services, Utilities, Oils and Gases, will be increasing manifolds in the upcoming years. A project manager should be equipped with a variety of skills to work in different work environments and cultures. He/She gets widespread recognition in respective organizations, so their actions should be accurate and trustworthy.

Route to Higher Leadership

The role of a project manager is that of a leader. His/ Her guidance is very important for team members. They even take part in deciding the budget of the project and allocating the resources. They should report and update the stakeholders on the progress of the projects. They are overall the team leader of a project and handles each and every member of the project team directly or indirectly. Hence, a project manager plays a very crucial role in the success of a project. He/ She should be answerable to the issues inside the team or related to the project. Therefore, a project manager should have very strong managerial skills. If you are really a project management expert, you can climb up to success easily. The best way to showcase your value and significance to a project is by attaining a PMP certification. You gain the trust of your stakeholders and your organizations. You get opportunities to work on challenging projects which will enhance your experience and skills.

You Can Make an Impact

Project managers should keep learning and updating their skills from time to time. You get a chance of self-improvement through seminars, interactions, workshops, etc. Your decisions should always lead your team to success. Timely delivery of results for short-term goals helps you gain the trust of stakeholders. So, you cannot make mistakes even for short-term goals. As a Project manager, you directly impact a project. A PMP certification helps you to gain the confidence to make important decisions. You are an asset to your organization, hence you get the recognition and attention among your colleagues.

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