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Individual Offices vs. Shared Workspaces: Which option is more advantageous for businesses?

Individual Offices vs. Shared Workspaces: Which option is more advantageous for businesses?

Individual Offices vs. Shared Workspaces: Picture this. You arrive at work in the morning and get to your office without seeing your employees behind their doors. Every once in a while, the sounds of footsteps in the hallway from someone walking down the hall startles you.

You wish your office was more collaborative, but to even see your employees or hold a meeting, you have to make a big effort to get the group together.

Now Picture this. You have lots of open office space and conference rooms of all sizes. Room scheduler software gives your employees the ability to book a workstation or meeting room at a moment’s notice. You can view where your employees are sitting right from your desktop screen. With a few clicks of a button, you can see which conference rooms are open and what they’re being used for.

Optimize Collaboration and Productivity with Shared Office Space and Room Scheduling

In the old days, getting everyone to collaborate was a chore. Now your employees can book several workstations near each other when specific groups have to work on a project together. They can book one in the program if they need a conference room to hold planning meetings.

The best part of room scheduler software is the ability to optimize space because everyone can see the full layout. You can book the conference room closest to where you’re collaborating with your staff. They’ll be more productive because they can also book equipment near their desk, instead of running from their office to the photocopier room dozens of times down that empty hallway.

Integrate Room Scheduler Software with Microsoft Office

When you’re ready to get your staff together in a workspace or conference room, you can book the room on the room scheduling software, and the program will auto-generate an Outlook invite for you! Your workers will be able to edit the meeting details and add participants and agendas to the booking program.

Everyone can see who’s scheduled to use the rooms at a glance. Since you can add the program to your organization’s SharePoint page and your workers can use an accompanying phone app, they can quickly gain access from anywhere. If you and your staff are walking down the hall and decide to hold an ad hoc meeting, one of you simply pulls out a phone and books instantly.

Room Scheduler Software Gives You Stability and Flexibility

Room scheduler software gives you all the stability of individual offices combined with the flexibility of shared office space. Your employees can book at home and know where they’ll be sitting when they arrive at the office. You’ll know where everyone is, where to find your meeting space, and where to locate equipment. With this best-of-all-worlds approach, the sky is the limit on how you use your office space. The program even comes with analytical functions to help you make data-informed decisions on your office setup. Room scheduler software can help your productivity and increase office morale.

Review Individual Offices vs. Shared Workspaces: Which option is more advantageous for businesses?.

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