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How to Make Your WordPress Website Secure in 2021?
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How to Make Your WordPress Website Secure in 2021?

Security is amongst the most important aspects of maintaining a successful website. You should keep your website safe and protected from thieves and anybody else trying to harm or steal the data. As you’ll never leave your phone, property, or business unsecured and accessible to the public, you will not be too sloppy when it comes to securing your WordPress website. Instead, you would endeavor to secure something with the highest level of security possible.

WordPress website development gained widespread among developers and internet users due to its simplicity. The growing popularity of WordPress has attracted the attention of hackers, who are now actively working on ways to attack this website. You must understand that the type of material you provide with WordPress website development has no bearing on them. This means that if you do not take the necessary safeguards, your website is more likely to be hacked.

Moreover, many WordPress website holders are unaware of the importance of security because they believe that nobody would ever exploit their sites as they’re too small and that attackers only target large corporations, which is a false assumption that can result in significant financial loss. You won’t begin paying more attention to security until your WordPress site has been hacked.

Importance of website security

A hacked WordPress website can harm your company’s revenue and image. Hackers stole user data, credentials, inject harmful software, and even infect your consumers with malware. After a hacking incident, businesses may be forced to pay a ransom to the hackers in order to recover access to their websites.

This means that if your website is associated with your company, you should give it greater thought in security to safeguard everything. In short, if the website owner is responsible for dealing with the physical store, the online store must be secured by the online store owner as well.

The following are some security measures you may take to protect your WordPress site:

Install a security plugin for WordPress

Constantly testing your website code for malware may appear to be a time-consuming operation. Currently, if you do not have adequate knowledge of the codes that are published on your website, you will be unable to recognize that you have discovered malware in the code.

Because not everyone is a developer or a coding professional, this problem can now be overcome by using WordPress security plugins.

A security plugin can help you with a variety of tasks, such as filtering your site for issues 24 hours a day, scanning for malware, and safeguarding your website from malware.

Some of the excellent WordPress security plugins are BulletProof Security, SecuPress, Sucuri Security, Wordfence Security, Jetpack.

Use of high-quality WordPress hosting

Using reliable WordPress hosting is a critical security tip that you must implement to protect your site. A good WordPress hosting provider can help keep your site safe and secure. It delivers and aids in the monitoring of your website against hacking and virus threats. One of the beginner’s mistakes is to purchase a low-cost WordPress host.

Do you know that cheap hosting frequently does not provide adequate protection for their sites, resulting in poor performance and vulnerability to attacks? In case you are new to web hosting, before purchasing any web host, conduct a background check on their performance and service, or you can go for a web development company. You can proceed if it has been proven by you or by credible persons that they give decent service.

Use a complex password

Passwords appear to be a crucial part of a website, but they are frequently neglected. Since you are setting fairly simple passwords for your websites, such as digits or text, now is the time to make the switch. These simple passwords are simple for individuals to memorize, but they are also simple for attackers to predict.

An adept user can quickly guess the password and insert it into the admin panel of your website and with no difficulty. The key to withdrawing this is to pick a solid and complicated password that could be produced automatically. A password with a mix of digits, alphabets, and special characters is recommended.

Employ two-factor authentication

Another smart safety feature is to include a two-factor verification module on the user account. The person in this example supplies login information for two main phases. Those two are determined by the site admin. It can be a standard password followed by a secret question, a secret code, a string of letters, or the increasingly popular Password Recovery app, which delivers a security key to your mobile-only the person who has your mobile can log in to your website this manner.

Maintain WordPress’s Updates

You’re putting your site in danger if you don’t retain all of your WordPress versions, themes, and plugins updated. Upgrading your WordPress to the most recent version is a smart idea that could help keep your site secure. When you upgrade WordPress, you’ll get better security and security patches. Updating the WordPress version is easy and simple from the WordPress admin panel.

Navigate to the WordPress dashboard and then to the Updates tab. From here, you’ll be able to see what needs to be updated.

Set limitations on login attempts

Other WordPress security tips include limiting the number of login attempts. Users are permitted to enter as many times as they wish by default. As a result, users can access the system without limitations. B Hackers employ brute force attacks to decrypt data, such as passwords.

When you put a restriction on your account on your website, it reduces the number of requests to log in from an endless number. Then once the login attempt cap is reached, it instantly disables the login feature.

Restrict the editing of files

Users can edit their themes and plugins by default in WordPress, which could be accessible via the appearance function. This function must be disabled since it can be exploited by a hacker to gain access to the Website admin dashboard. They can then inject malicious, obfuscated code into your component and framework.


One of the most important features of any website is security. If proper security measures are not taken, your WordPress website development can harm your business. Instead of growing your revenue and you may lose access to it permanently. It’s incredibly easy to secure your WordPress site; simply follow the procedures outlined above. If you can’t handle the security issues on your WordPress site yourself, you can hire a professional web development company to help you.

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