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How to Make St. Pancras Your Next Vacation Destination
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How to Make St. Pancras Your Next Vacation Destination

If you’ve been watching flights to London and dreaming of finally booking a trip, this is your sign to pack your bags and head to St. Pancras. Located in North London, St. Pancras is a popular destination for European travelers. No matter how you like to spend your trip, North London has something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s get into some tips and recommendations on how to make your trip to St. Pancras unforgettable.


When booking your ticket, consider what time of year you would like to be in St. Pancras during. It is always a good idea to book your trip during the slow season as tickets will be cheaper and crowds will be lighter. When it comes to London, however, you’ll also want to consider the weather. Traveling during the harsh winter months will limit what you are able to experience. We recommend visiting St. Pancras from March to May to avoid large crowds while still catching some of the warmer weather.
When deciding where to stay, there is no shortage of gorgeous hotels in St. Pancras to choose from. The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is a favorite among tourists for its architectural beauty and central location. There are also plenty of AirBnB’s available in the city for a range of budget options.
If you happen to be arriving before your hotel is ready for you to check in, you’ll need luggage storage in St. Pancras. Luggage storage allows you to make the most of your first day in town. Check your luggage into one of the many locations around St. Pancras so you can start sightseeing immediately without the burden of your suitcases. Luggage storage is also great if you have an early check out and a late flight on your last day.


If you didn’t arrive in the city through Kings Cross Station, Harry Potter fans will want to make a trip to see this infamous spot. Fans will know this as the place where Harry begins his expedition to Hogwarts. In the film you see Harry charging through the wall to access the hidden Platform 9 ¾. While visitors obviously cannot access this enchanted portal, they can enjoy the Harry Potter themed gift shop at the station. There is also a walking tour that you can join that will take you here in addition to other filming locations for the Harry Potter series.
If you like to visit museums during your travels, definitely include the British Museum on your itinerary. This museum boasts a collection so massive that you can spend multiple days trying to see it all. They host over eight million pieces ranging broadly in location and time period. They also rotate various exhibits and events throughout the year so make sure to check out what’s happening on the day you plan to schedule your visit.
The British Library is a bookworm’s dream. It is the national library of the United Kingdom and is one of the largest in the world. It is estimated to have an inventory of between 170 and 200 million pieces of literature, many of which are from different countries. This one is worth a visit not only for its size but for the manuscripts that are on display. The exhibition includes manuscripts such as Beowulf, Jane Eyre, and Canterbury Tales. Similar to the museum, the library also has rotating thematic exhibitions which cover various topics such as sacred texts, law, and history of the English language.

Food and Drinks

London is known for having fabulous Indian food. If you are looking for a crowd favorite check out Dishoom in King’s Cross. Dishoom is located in a magnificent Victorian style warehouse that is expertly furnished to create an elegant and trendy vibe. However, the real reason this place is so popular is their incredible curries and fresh biryanis. If you are looking to have a quintessential British dining experience, make a reservation at Plum & Spilt Milk. The chef Mark Sargeant, who has worked for Gordon Ramsay, serves expertly prepared British classics such as cottage pie or potted rabbit.
If you are wanting to hit the bars during your visit, St. Pancras has plenty of gastro pubs within walking distance to choose from. If you are looking for well-crafted cocktails, The Booking Office is a great place to stop in for a drink. If you happen to be staying at the Renaissance, you’re in luck because this bar is located inside the hotel. The Hansom is also a great place to hit if you’d like to pay a visit to a bar that is unapologetically British.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on planning the perfect trip to St. Pancras, go ahead and book that plane ticket and pack your bags! London is waiting for you!

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