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How To Create Free Logos – A Do It Yourself Guide

How To Create Free Logos – A Do It Yourself Guide

Create free logos: If you are looking to become a good logo design maker, then the first thing you need to do is make use of some of the best programs out there. In reality, you should look no further than Adobe Spark if you want a well-respected program. However, now that you have gotten finding the right program out of the way, the next thing you should do is keep the following principles in mind:

Keep The Right Qualities in Mind

When it comes to designing free logos, there are definitely certain free logos that you just cannot live without. Things such as simplicity, because you want your design to be easy to remember would be a start. However, you also should consider such things as being relevant to your company. Moreover, such things as timelessness, memorability, and versatility play a large role as well.

Logos Come in Three Basic Forms

When it comes to logos, there are all kinds of symbols out there. For starters, you might think of the abstract Nike symbol or you might gravitate toward a more illustrative symbol that tells the viewer what your firm does, such as a plunger for a plumbing service or a canine face for a veterinarian’s office. Finally, you might also consider a form such as a distinct font. Companies such as coca-cola would spring to mind here.

Be Clear Regarding Your Design Goals

Just what exactly do you have in mind for your design? Get organized! You can start by making a column where you list all of the words that come to mind when you think of your brand, such as exciting, exuberant, inviting, etc. Next, in another column just simply start sketching symbols that best epitomizes your brand. Finally, turn it into an art project by pulling out your art supplies and see what you come up with!

Keep Your Competition in Mind

Next, you should study the logos of your competition and see just what it is about their logos that make them a success or a failure. What is appealing about their logo? What is not so appealing about it? How could you improve on that logo?

Find Some Inspiration.

Again, take a look at the competition and look at some of the more successful logos? Just what is it about them that inspires people? Is it the design? Is it possible that the logo has a unique design that appeals to people? If so, what is it about that logo that people like? Is it because the logo has wavy lines or is it because it simply has become familiar to them? Keep things like that in mind when you are analyzing other logos.

Design Your Own List of Logo Candidates.

During this particular step, it might be wise for you to make use of a program such as Adobe Illustrator. Make your logos by experimenting with the options on some of these types of programs.

Come Back To it Later.

That’s right. Take a look at your logo later on, either in a few hours or even a few days. That way, you will be looking at the logo with a fresh set of eyes. Think like a would-be customer would think. If you personally don’t like what you see, then don’t be afraid to start over again.

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