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How to Build a Successful Career in Big Data?

How to Build a Successful Career in Big Data?

A successful Career in Big Data is everywhere today. How much time can you spend without your smart device, or precisely, your smartphone?

It may be hardly 15 minutes.

So, most of us spend maximum time on our phones, or rather, the internet. The data we generate through our activities over the internet is so huge that it cannot be processed via traditional processing systems. This gave rise to the term ‘Big Data.

Big Data has given rise to a plethora of job opportunities for professionals in the IT industry across the globe. It was observed that in the US alone, there were 2.7 million job postings in Data Science and Analytics in 2020.

The reason is enough to go with a big data Hadoop and Spark course and make a career in such an ever-growing field. Ever-growing for the reason that we continuously generate data making it grow every second. This is why many professionals, freshers, are shifting their careers in the field of Big Data to make a risk-free career. Big Data is what organizations do with the massive amounts of data generated on a daily basis.

Did You Know?

According to Statista, the global Big data and business analytics market was at USD 168.8 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to reach USD 274.3 billion by 2022.

Today, organizations are looking for specially skilled and trained professionals to drive their growth and success rates. The job opportunities in this domain are increasing with the need to process and manage Big Data.

To make a career in Big Data, you have plenty of opportunities. There are many career choices in Bug Data that include Big Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Administrator, Data Manager, and many more.

Also, you can choose to master any of the technologies in Big Data, as per your interest. Let us now explore the career path in Big Data.

Big Data Career Path

It is an endless endeavor to invest in yourself and upgrade your career in Big Data. When you get into the right direction in training and certification, you can make yourself the most preferred candidate for recruiters. Considering the scarcity of skilled and trained professionals, employers readily go with training and certifications in their resumes.

The steps you should follow for making a career in Big Data are:

1.Keep Learning New Big Data Skills

Learning continuously is the best way to move into Big Data, and certifications serve as ‘icing on the cake.’ The certification is the formal recognition of the skills you have acquired, the knowledge you have pursued, and you can fill the skill gap.

2.Master Programming Languages

You are required to master any of the programming languages as per your interest and knowledge. You can choose from the languages such as R, Python, Java, Scala, Go, and more. Each of them has different use cases, so you have to choose one or more after learning about their utilities.

3.Specialize in One of the many job roles

Instead of learning all the areas and creating a mess, choose one of the many areas available in this vast field. Each job role requires a different skill set and has different responsibilities. Choose wisely according to your knowledge level. Some of the job roles are discussed below.

Big Data Analyst

A Big Data Analyst is required to master big data technologies such as Hadoop, Pig, Hive, etc., and possess analytical skills and critical thinking so as to extract relevant information from the datasets. In-depth knowledge of statistics and algorithms is also required.

Data Scientist

This is the most in-demand career path in Big Data that requires you to have technical and analytical skills to help drive your organization’s growth. As a Data Scientist, your primary responsibility is to collect, clean, and manipulate the data.

Big Data Engineer

A well-known and in demand career option, Successful Career in Big Data Engineer, is a pro accountable for developing the designs created by Solutions Architect. So, a Data Engineer does the tasks of developing, testing, and managing the big data solutions in an organization.

Machine Learning Engineer

The most important part of Big Data is Machine Learning. If you master the concepts of Machine Learning, you can go with this job role where you will be required to develop data analysis software to run the product code without human interference.

Other job roles to consider are Business Intelligence Engineer, Data Visualization Developer, Business Analyst, Machine Learning Scientist, and more.

4.Work on Business and Communication Skills

It is not only the technical and analytical skills that may land you into a Big Data career. Instead, you are required to work on non-technical skills such as Business and communication skills. This is because you may be required to work in a team for building strategies and problem-solving, or you may act as a connecting line between the data and the business. You should keep yourself updated about the industry trends for ongoing success.

5.Get Trained

With any of the job roles you choose to move on, getting trained and certified is always a smart move to upgrade your career. Training and certification are considered as a formal recognition of your skills and knowledge regarding Big Data technologies.

Benefits of a Career in Big Data

  1. There are a plethora of job opportunities for Successful Career in Big Data professionals across the globe.
  2. Big Data professionals earn huge salaries that are proportional to the skills and knowledge acquired.
  3. According to Forbes, Big Data adoption across enterprises is steadily increasing, including finance, healthcare, logistics, research and development, strategic management, sales, marketing, etc.
  4. There are many job roles you can choose from.
  5. Big Data professionals are in demand in every industry, such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.


Now that you have come across various career options Successful Career in Big Data, understand and choose your interesting job role.

What next?

Invest in yourself! Enroll in a reputed online big data training program like Simplilearn, prepare for the exam, and get certified. Upgrade your career and land yourself into the job of your dreams.

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