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Misconceptions About GPS Vehicle Tracking

Misconceptions About GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is simply the technique of monitoring the location and direction where the driver is heading to. It provides companies with a structure to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day business operations. However, some companies do not believe in how GPS vehicle tracking works.

The misconception mostly comes from misunderstanding the services offered by the system. The driver could be worried about what gets tracked or the fleet manager could also be worried about their job being replaced by technology. Everyone has different views on how the technology works. Below are some misconceptions about GPS vehicle tracking.

GPS Tracking is Unnecessary

You might be wondering why it is necessary to use GPS vehicle tracking when you can use a cell phone for tracking. Well, the downside is that a cell phone can be turned off. Therefore, it will not provide useful information.

GPS vehicle tracking, on the other hand, consistently monitors location and speed and can provide other information such as traffic updates.

Workers Will Not be Comfortable with GPS Tracking

With the advantage it portrays to the employer and employees, this is simply not true. This technology has not only benefited the fleet managers but also the drivers. It has helped in making work easier by providing routing information and additional security for drivers while on the road.

GPS Vehicle Tracking is Not Necessary for Small Businesses

There should be no restriction for any business to invest in GPS systems. Every business should see the need to benefit from the system even if they have just two to five vehicles. The cost of investing in this system is what worries most small businesses. This should not be a problem because there are many affordable GPS systems. This should be an important necessity in small businesses, especially if you invest most in vehicles.

GPS Systems Are Complicated to Install and Use

For newbies, this technology might seem complicated. That is why you need to buy from a reliable company. Look for a company that provides you and your staff with basic knowledge of how to install and manage the system. By doing this, they will be making your work easier.

Drivers Might Think That You Do Not Trust Them

This is one of the biggest worries for most employers. They believe that GPS vehicle tracking makes their drivers feel insecure about being watched all the time. This is simply not true. The system has shown a positive impact on companies who have used it. It provides safety to its drivers and promotes customer service quality. Drivers need to embrace this technology to benefit from their services.

GPS Vehicle Tracking is Expensive

To some extent, this might be true. These systems require hardware investments, installation fees, and a monthly fee for each vehicle. However, after a few months of using this technology, you will get value for your money.


This system has provided a lot of benefits to its users. Instead of focusing on misconceptions, fleet managers should focus on how they are going to benefit from using GPS vehicle tracking systems. It is a proven technology that helps companies at large.

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