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Go through these guidelines to make an attractive and effective business banner 

Go through these guidelines to make an attractive and effective business banner 

Business Banner: Before making your banner, you need to when to broadcast your brand message. From drawing attention to your retail storefront or driving others to your stall at an outdoor event, trade show or exposition, a personalized banner can do it for you. It’s easily customizable with your company logo.

  • Small businesses have only a few seconds to catch customers’ attention. A business banner helps you get it.
  • The material entails a design, a photo, and a vivid message, which you usually hang or install in strategic areas to increase public awareness and spread your message at corporate events, such as exhibitions and trade shows.
  • The best design tips for banners are using large images and fonts to help others see it from a distance.
  • Contrasting the text colors and background to enhance readability.
  • Focusing one central message to ensure prompt understanding.
  • Regardless of your installation purpose, you need to add a call-to-action. Your CTA is something that carries your thought. Make it actionable, concise, and clear.
  • For words, less is more. Your statements should be short, direct, and easy to read. The graphics and images must be high-quality.

Designing the banner

The first step in designing your banner is to decide the location. Location is paramount. The banner placement determines the message, material, color, and overall design. When selecting colors, do think if the shades can blend in or clash with the background. You know a red background against a red/maroon brick wall will be a catastrophe.

  • There’s a reason why the message must be succinct. Condensation of words is an imperative.
  • To ensure effectivity, get straight to the point. “Grand Opening”, “We are offering free delivery”, “Hurry Up, Limited offers”, “30% off entire collection” can grab attention within seconds.
  • If you’re not setting up the banner at your business location, don’t forget to put your organizations name and logo. They must blend in with the text.
  • You need to include a website or phone number as well.
  • The images and graphics, although high-quality, must still be simple. It’s important to feature pictures of your products and/or services.

Try the best combinations

If it’s a delivery service, a picture of delivery truck/van on the move with the message “Free delivery within 5 km” clearly highlights your message. The viewer or passerby doesn’t even need to remember the text. It’s also important to choose your font size and style. You target a print banner at drivers or pedestrians. It doesn’t require time for a detailed study.

  • If you want your banner to be discernible and legible for a distance, choose a clean and classic font.
  • You can achieve the look by going for one or two font patterns. It also boils down to the creation of visual contrast. Some driving or jogging by your storefront will notice the stuff only if it stands out from its peers and surroundings.

One of the best combinations is a bold font contrasting with a catchy background shade like orange, yellow, or red. It’s imperative to keep your brand in mind. After all, the design, font, style, size, colors, and background need to emphasize your brand.

Review Go through these guidelines to make an attractive and effective business banner .

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