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Go Online With Dukan Tech For Your Kirana Stores and Small traders.

Go Online With Dukan Tech For Your Kirana Stores and Small traders.

Dukan tech: Even if you have a small shop or a small scale enterprise, or a medium scale enterprise, that does not mean you cannot embrace the latest technologies. After the implementation of GST, even the local dukaan and neighbourhood Kirana shops are also embracing technology.

With Dukan tech, the local shops can now easily connect with their consumers and buyers online. That too without any hassle. From WhatsApp to their personal store and online selling platform, neighbourhood Kirana shops can now easily reach a wider audience base with the new age Dukaan tech.

With the new dukaan tech, you can easily open your digital sop and allow your consumers to buy digitally from you. Earlier sham shops and SMEs had to tie-up with e-retail giants to start their online business. But, now, the DUkaan tech has allowed them to venture into the online world.

But why do you need to use this tech? Here are the reasons-

Get More Audience And Consumers

With Dukaan tech, a small business can gain a lot of benefits. This allows small companies to directly reach their consumers. This allows small businesses to explore the wide audience base. It also allows them to explore digital exposure in a better way. The online platform offers businesses to communicate with their consumers better and directly addresses the issues.

Keep Open The Shop Around The Clock

With digital tech, you do not need to be time constricted; your business now will be open round the clock, despite the time of the day. That means you will always be able to sell something to your audiences and ensure they get the desired service. This allows you to effectively serve your consumers without any hitch.

Get More Revenue

The dukaan tech allows any small Kirana shop to make it big in the online platform, and the online platform is comprehensive and responsive. Businesses now have a better presence in social media. This allows small businesses in the unorganized sector and the SME sector to gain more business prospects. Due to the increased business, they can now gain more revenues. This, in turn, allows them to grow their businesses in an organic way and ensure even the local shop for a long way with sufficient business growth.

Salary book app

Digital tech has allowed small and medium-range enterprises a better platform to manage their employees and their accounts. For a small company, often the bookkeeping becomes a tedious job, and the owner or an employee may need to give extra effort to make things work and keep each transaction in check.

But, with the salary book app, you can now ensure your employees get their salary on time. This app-based software allows organizations and small businesses to effectively manage the salary accounts of their employees.

The app can automatically help a small establishment owner calculate the ladies of their employees and deposit that said amount on their account on time to ensure teeth employees get everything they want.

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