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Freelancers – Does Your Project Management App Have This Key Feature?

Freelancers – Does Your Project Management App Have This Key Feature?

A freelancer has a very dynamic workday. Quite often, freelancers work on different projects simultaneously. As a freelancer, you must divide your attention evenly to avoid losing out on critical issues. While working on different projects, you also have to strike new deals with clients. An old client might also contact you to expand on the previous task or work on a new one.

Besides, you must bid on new projects and send invoices simultaneously. Freelancers always have a lot going on, with projects in different stages of completion. This is why most freelancers are starting to use project management apps. These apps come with various features that make them work efficiently.

One of the critical features of a project management app is time tracking. Freelance time tracking is vital for your operations, and here are several reasons why that is the case.

Freelance Time Tracking Ensures Higher Productivity

As a freelancer, you can’t succeed if you are unproductive. You must have an effective workflow that delivers excellent results. For that to happen, you must know how much time you spend on your day-to-day activities. Through freelance time tracking, you can estimate the speed of your work and whether it is productive.

This will let you know whether you should speed up things or change your schedule altogether. The time tracking feature will show you the areas you need to improve or when to change your approach. Besides, it will help you identify your problems and know how to fix them.

Gives the Right Billing System

In freelancing, people typically work from home or in a different location. This means the work should be accurately estimated before the billing is completed. As the famous saying goes, time is money. When you charge your services per hour, you should have reliable and advanced time tracking tools and software that works for you.

The freelance time tracking feature on a project management app will go a long way in helping you fix this problem. Your client should verify the completed tasks by perusing your time records and reports. This is a win-win situation for both parties, as accuracy and quality are maintained. Besides, you will be paid accurately when you keep your timing correct.

Tracking Work Progress and Goals

The freelance time tracking feature is also helpful when tracking your work progress and goals. When you periodically analyze the data of your estimates and reports, you can quickly evaluate your goals and progress. You can also check the areas you have been most productive. By using this data, you will manage to set new strategies, set new goals, and generate innovative ideas for your business. This goes a long way in enhancing your freelancing career. Besides, you will know your everyday distractions and how you can avoid them.

Time Tracking Is Key for Freelancing

You can’t have a successful freelancing career without efficient time management. Therefore, you should ensure your project management app has a time tracking feature for the best results.

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