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Features and Benefits of knowledge base software for Better Customer Experience
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Features and Benefits of knowledge base software for Better Customer Experience

In this era of advanced technology and the internet taking over everything, people are seeking self-independence more and more. Customers no longer have the time and patience to wait for a long period for your response whenever they require some kind of information. If information is not available readily, delayed and unclear information can negatively impact their experience. Also, if the agent in your organization wastes more time than required, then the Average Handle Time will also adversely affect the KPIs of the contact center. Due to such reasons, implementing a knowledge base software becomes necessary. Organizations, in order to have better customer service and easy access to effective information, a knowledge base platform is very necessary.

A knowledge base is a platform that allows the storage of all structured and unstructured information. A knowledge base software is what provides a knowledge base that enables employees to get hold of all kinds of information easily and effectively. In a knowledge base, information can be stored in various content forms. It also provides multiple settings and functions that allow a customer to self-serve their answers, and have access to available information without any difficulties.

Every knowledge base should be implemented with some must-have features to provide maximum benefits. Let us discuss them.

Must-Have Features and Benefits of Knowledge Base

  • Flawless and Fast Seach: Having information readily available and under user’s search is an essential point to keep in mind. In case of emergency or an ongoing activity, if an agent requires information, then the knowledge base should be able to provide a search option that can be accessed easily and efficiently. A search bar should be implemented precisely to make agents and customers face no delay and lack of necessary information. There should be a way of processing keyword searches. Enabling users to search with keywords present in the content will make searching easier. It can benefit both the agent and the customer with effective searchability.
  • Multilingual Capability: We live in a diverse world with people speaking multiple languages from different regions. Therefore, having content available in multiple languages will help customers have a more calm and easy experience. A knowledge base should be able to create content in a language that the customer prefers. Enabling this will help to provide better customer service and customer inclusivity. Depending on the statistics of a region, the different languages should be included and implemented. It will benefit an organization’s performance as well as customer experience.
  • User-Friendly Widgets: A knowledge base will not be beneficial if it has all the information but is next to impossible to access. A knowledge base needs to have a user-friendly interface and widgets which will not require a lot of skill to access and use it. The sole purpose of a knowledge base is to provide easy communication. It should not be complex in any way. For instance, Knowmax, a knowledge base, has interactive widgets that enable customers to efficiently process information. It also has various other additional features such as bell icon, favorites, announcements, etc. Such an interface makes a knowledge base more impressive and easy to be accessed, making the customer experience better and sufficient.
  • Self-Service Ability: As mentioned earlier, customers do not have the time to wait for delayed responses. In order to reduce time consumption and make better customer service, enabling self-service is one of the most important features that should be present in a knowledge base. Self-service will allow the customer to look for their own answers and receive information without waiting for an agent. A knowledge base can provide self-service guides in the form of FAQs, articles, videos and picture guides, etc., which helps customers access needed information. It makes the experience more smooth and easy.
  • Backed-up Files: Having backup files is very necessary for every organization. New agents are hired and retired every month, and there are a collection of loads of files. But one wrong step of an agent or an employee can erase or delete all the files and make the organization face severe drawbacks. But with a knowledge base, that will not be a problem anymore. A knowledge base implemented with a backup feature will enable storing information in the cloud. And backup files will be present for every piece of information, and even if anything gets deleted, it will not create a problem anymore. So we see, having this feature can actually benefit the organization and prevent any panic or havoc situation. It will allow a smooth work environment for agents as well.
  • Easy Content Creation: A knowledge base allows creating various forms of content. Having the formatting tool feature will enable easy creation and all-in-one functions which will reduce the use of other different platforms to distribute or create information. Having such effective tool features will allow highlighting and creating indentations which will provide a smooth experience and improved customer service. Contents with inefficient information will reduce customer relations, and that can occur when creating content is difficult and requires more resources. But knowledge base like Knowmax has proper formatting tools that provide a smooth content creation feature which ultimately improves the quality of the contents.

Thus, we can see that a knowledge base can efficiently and effectively improve customer service and experience. It not only helps the customers entertain smooth sailing access to information, but it also helps the organization and the employees to prevent any unnecessary backlashes and delays in finding information. With the best knowledge base software, an organization can remove its limits and allow easy searches and accessibility of information.

In this generation of technological advancement, not taking advantage of such open opportunities will only hold an organization or a person back from achieving great heights. It is important to keep the above-mentioned features in mind to ensure the excellent performance of a knowledge base. These must-have features will certainly provide all the necessary help and bonuses. So, implement a knowledge base and waste no time.

Review Features and Benefits of knowledge base software for Better Customer Experience.

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