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Enjoy Improved Efficiency Tracking your Leaflets With GPS Software! 
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Enjoy Improved Efficiency Tracking your Leaflets With GPS Software! 

Leaflets and flyers are a cost-effective way of marketing your business. They are easy to design and can easily be customized to match your company’s needs. However, you want to get the most out of your leaflets and embracing technology will go a long way. The good thing about this is that there are multiple solutions to help track your flyers and measure their effectiveness. Why track my leaflets using GPS software? Let’s find out.

1. You always know the current campaigns state

Being in the dark throughout your leaflet distribution campaign is the worst thing you can do. You want to stay updated on every detail of your campaigns. For instance, you want information on what others are saying about your brand. Using tracking software makes this easier. You can sue it to find out if all leaflets have been delivered and where they got dispersed. This will help portray the current state of your adverts.

2. Assured peace of mind throughout 

The MarTech Platform makes tracking easy. Their leading tools and solutions allow users to gather accurate data about your marketing campaigns. Why is this important? You are better placed to make more informed decisions with correct data. Again, you will have peace of mind knowing that your leaflets are delivered as planned.

3. Filed report on campaign Information

Tracking your flyers make information more accessible. You will have accurate and updated data with flyer tracking software. For instance, you’ll receive a detailed report of;

  • The number of flyers distributed
  • The letter carriers’ route and their speed

The solution will also furnish you with other information to help you with the overall marketing approach. Therefore, it will help enhance your marketing campaigns.

What are the essential features of GPS Software?

Leaflet tracking software must have certain features to enhance its efficiency. These enable the user to complete any task faster and more accurately. The Leaflets GPS Software should consist of vital elements. They include;

  • Property counter

This specific feature lets you know how many leaflets are dispersed. Would you like to see the number of properties in your distribution areas? Do a search using the sector postcode or create a custom shape around the desired location. You’ll receive the property count.

  • Job management 

Job management is a vital feature that keeps your job organized. Through it, you can define a task by geo fence zone, time, and date. Moreover, you can integrate a personalized link to your products and services and then share it with your customers. You give clients a chance to view your goods and services directly instead of getting information from others.

  • Five-second tracking

It is a feature that monitors the distribution process. You can use it to watch how your workers give out the flyers. You can also gauge their working rate.

Bottom line

Leaflets are highly portable and can reach many people within a short time. However, tracking them as they are is a great way to ensure more effective marketing campaigns. Get the best tracking solution from leading providers and enjoy better results in your flyer marketing campaigns.

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