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E-commerce Strategy –  How a Digital Presence Can Leads to Success? [2020]
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E-commerce Strategy – How a Digital Presence Can Leads to Success? [2020]

With new technologies, a future-proof e-commerce strategy can be developed with little effort: step by step with the Roqqio Commerce Cloud.

An e-commerce strategy means more than offering products in pictures and text online. Company processes, which until now were perhaps only geared towards stationary sales, have to be rethought. After all, it is important to assert yourself against the healthy competition. For example: Roadmap templates for all types of teams to share strategies in your company. Product roadmap, marketing, technology, and project roadmaps.

Fortunately, you can also proceed step by step when entering e-commerce. So it does not have to be your own online shop or even your own marketplace – perhaps the connection to a marketplace is the right choice. The Roqqio Commerce Cloud provides technical implementation for each step.

Step by Step to a Successful E-commerce Strategy

E-commerce is not a sure-fire success: complicated e-commerce models and technologies pose significant challenges for companies. It’s about developing new digital business models for your own company. A step-by-step organizational approach is also possible – and is supported at the technological level by the Roqqio Commerce Cloud during each stage.

E-commerce is growing, while current operating models can no longer meet the challenges posed by new processes and systems.

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Implement the E-commerce Strategy

Decisive for a successful digital appearance is first of all the identification of your own strengths, the existing core processes, and the possibilities of how the use of these can also be digitally in the best possible way because retailers have to cope with high customer expectations, complex IT infrastructures, new organizational processes, large amounts of data and intense competition.

No matter which path the company takes, whether towards Internet Pure Player or omnichannel – the technical implementation and integration into existing structures are possible with the Roqqio Commerce Cloud. There is a reduction in complexity to a minimum. Roqqio Sales Consultant Martin Öztürk explains it like this: “We only think in touchpoints and warehouses.

We reduce all the complexity in between using the Commerce Cloud. Above all, our solution homogenizes all data and makes it accessible from any touchpoint. Whether it’s a branch, webshop, online marketplace, or app.”

For example, all customer information from online sales channels is also available for the stationary point of sale. There is an optimal link to all touchpoints and offer customers the best possible shopping experience.

All Processes are Combined in a Cloud

The SaaS application supports Internet Pure Player in all processes, from listing to order management to ship and handling returns. The brand is also enlarged and strengthened by directly involving external manufacturers, warehouses, and third-party suppliers. Starting slowly, the retailer, who also relies on online retailing, can control all processes in the front and back end with the Roqqio Commerce Cloud: trading, shipping, storage, and combination of logistics in a central system. In addition to short delivery times, high customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as maximum brand experience, are further results.

Online and Offline Sales World are Connected

“We make every branch ready for dispatch. Depending on the inventory or geo routing, the use of an algorithm is to determine the suitable, connected warehouse and initiate shipping in a cost-optimized manner. Besides, the customer history is mapped centrally, so that all silos between the online and offline sales world are removed,” explains Frank Noß, Sales & Partner Consultant at Roqqio. “For example, the exchange or return of online purchases can be directly in the branch. The customer can ultimately move freely across all channels. Step by step, every company comes to its e-commerce model, which is future-proof. ”

A recent study at the University of Regensburg by lbi shows how vital e-commerce is to remain competitive in the long term. They expect the share of e-commerce in retail to increase to 15.5 percent in 2025.

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