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Online Shopping and Social Networks: Covid-19 and Marketing

Online Shopping and Social Networks: Covid-19 and Marketing

Covid-19 and Marketing are traveling hand in hand. It seems incredible, but those who have used this opportunity well will probably be rewarded in the future too. After all, who among us was not happy to discover that their favorite pizzeria delivered home?

The Lockdown: An Opportunity to be Exploited

In this lockdown period, people’s time was divided between smart working (who could do it), housework, TV, and, above all, Social Networks! During these months, there has been a disproportionate increase in the use of the latter. Just think, in general, Italians have spent 45% more time on Social Networks! The exploitation of this time was by the companies closest and most sensitive to the web, which promptly responded to the request.

More time on social media equals, for companies, more opportunities to get noticed by potential customers. Therefore, launching an advertising campaign during the lockdown was a more than winning choice for many! In fact, we often take it for granted that those who live near us or those who frequent the area where we work know us.

Because we are there, we have a sign, an advertising billboard, a sign for directions… however, often there is still a slice of the market that doesn’t know of our presence.

Here then, Covid-19 and Marketing have become friends. Anyone who exploited Social Networks for even just one advertising campaign was the winner. The potential audience for Facebook ad campaigns increased by 3%. Does it seem little to you? You’re wrong. Furthermore, real estate marketing have become one of the best techniques for the real estate firms.

Because in actual numbers, this small number turns into 1,000,000 people. Obviously, we are talking about extensive advertising campaigns, often dedicated to the entire Italian territory, but it is still an increase that even small campaigns can exploit.

Covid-19 and E-commerce

The increase in time dedicated to Social Networks and to the Web, in general, is directly transformed into more time dedicated to online shopping. This is because e-commerce has taken the ball and submerged advertising social media of their online stores, how they could continue to deliver, and how everything was more than safe.

Amazon seems to have seen its corporate assets grow by about 15%. Unfortunately, it “seems” only because we do not yet have actual data. But Amazon couriers all agree: Some days, it was like Christmas.

amazon - Covid-19 and Marketing

Christmas is the time when you spend the most. This, in general, and more or less has always been, which is why Amazon usually increases its “Courier fleet” at that time. During the lockdown, it was no different. They were the streets, couriers!

According to a report, Amazon customers worldwide have spent $ 11,000 per second.

So why not take advantage of this? There are not only giants, but there are also small businesses. And it is the small businesses that can earn the most from social media. And this not only by being present but above all, by taking advantage of the right moments to advertise, thus reaching new contacts!

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