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8 Cool Gadgets in 2020 That will Bring the Future into Your Home

8 Cool Gadgets in 2020 That will Bring the Future into Your Home

Needless to say, 2020 was all about home and work. Things that we couldn’t have imagined before are slowly becoming part of our daily lives. We all love to discover the latest and most innovative cool gadgets. For this reason, I occasionally “grab” the devices that fascinate me. I have put something of this in this post.

1. Samsung AirDresser

samsung airdressers - cool gadgets

You never have to go to the laundry again – get one at home. Samsung AirDresser is a beautiful clothes dryer. Eliminates 99% of dust particles in just 25 minutes.

2. Handjet EBS-260 Printer

handjet printer

Regardless of whether your substrate is wood, concrete, plastic, or something else, the EBS-260 can print every detail you need. Customize the text and details via the TOUCHSCREEN and go to tango.

3. Alexagate Amazon Alexa Blocker

Alexagate Amazon Alexa Blocker

You let her into the house. It’s also useful but always has an open ear. Now Alexa can no longer eavesdrop on your private conversations. Just use Alexagate Amazon Alexa Blocker. This gadget is on top of your Amazon Echo and blocks its microphone. Just tap three times to turn this unit’s ultrasonic speakers on and off.

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4. Digit, Two-legged Robot

image result for Digit, Two-legged Robot - cool gadgets

Another fantastic device and accessory this year is Digit, a two-legged robot that represents the future of parcel delivery. This robot is in the size and form of a human (but small) adult. It uses LiDAR and other sensors to identify its surroundings and deliver packets.

5. Lovebox Modern Love Note Messenger

cool gadgets - Lovebox Modern Love Note Messenger

Here is a beautiful and modern way to send a message of love. Whenever you get a note from someone you love, the heart button will spin until you open it. When you remove the lid, the message appears on display.

6. Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Transparent TV


You have probably never seen a TV like the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition transparent TV. This television literally lets images float in the air. And when you turn it off, it looks like a pane of glass. Did it deserve to be counted among the cool gadgets or not?

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7. Interactive wall kit

Interactive wall kit - cool gadgets

These cool gadgets and assistants are exceptional for exhibitions and sales booths. Wall touch sensors form the core of this kit, which contains the basic tools required to create an interactive wall up to 10 square feet in size with 12 points of contact.

8. Rotofarm, circular Greenhouse

Rotofarm, circular Greenhouse

This is also one of the cool gadgets. Rotofarm is bringing gardening into the future: this beautiful circular garden allows you to grow edible plants and herbs in a gravity-free environment.

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Review 8 Cool Gadgets in 2020 That will Bring the Future into Your Home.

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