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Is CBD Oil Good for your Cats?

Is CBD Oil Good for your Cats?

Having a cat is almost like having a tenant who doesn’t pay the rent, but absolutely demands you do feed it and take perfect care of it. Well, not almost. It’s exactly like that. The only difference is that the animal can’t speak like a human, but they do have their own methods of conveying the message they want you to receive. Sometimes, those methods are fun and quirky, while other times they can be just rude and mean.

Nevertheless, you love the little creature and nobody can deny that. There are quite a few reasons why you love your cat and as you can see here, psychology has to say something about it as well. Yet, we won’t be dwelling on those reasons today, because we have a slightly different topic on our minds. Basically, the fact that you love your feline means that you would do just about anything to keep it safe and healthy, am I right?

Oh, I know I’m right. And even when the little creature is acting obnoxiously and even when you get a bit angry, which must happen from time to time, the simple truth is that you would give it everything it needs in order to be healthy and, of course, happy. Not that their happiness depends solely on you, but hey, you take what you can get.

Their happiness does, however, depend on their health, which means that you are at least somewhat responsible for making the creature happy. Although these animals are pretty independent, the truth is that they do depend on you when their health is in question. After all, you are the one who feeds them, takes them to the vet and administers certain medicines, or supplements, when necessary.

Speaking of supplements, when was the last time that you researched this topic and got familiar with some of the new products that emerged on the market and that you can buy for your cat? I suppose it wasn’t that long ago, since the fact that you have found your way here tells me that you’ve been researching CBD oil for cats. Yet, it also tells me that you might not be quite sure whether this product is actually good for your feline.

Well, it’s time to get to the bottom of that once and for all. There are quite a lot CBD oil cats products on the market and it’s time for you to learn if you should buy them or ignore them when they come popping right in front of your nose. Believe me, they will come popping up, since they’ve become rather popular these days and people are increasingly treating their cats with the wonders of Cannabidiol. Let’s see if you should do the same.

What Is It?

It’s perfectly normal for us to start with the plainest question of them all. What precisely is CBD oil? Let me explain it. I suppose that you are already acquainted with a little plant called cannabis. Or, should I say “plants”, since there are quite a lot of different ones that come from the exact same family, i.e. the cannabis family.

In any case, you get where I am going with this. So, the next thing you should know is that cannabis consists of a huge amount of compounds. Two of the main compounds are called Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. The latter one is actually the substance that produces those hallucinogenic effects in people or, to put it simply, it’s the compound that gets you high.

The former one, i.e. Cannabidiol, prides itself in not being able to produce such feelings, while being extremely beneficial both for people and for animals. Yes, that includes your cat as well. CBD oil is made from this specific compound, meaning that it won’t harm your feline in any possible way and it will, in fact, be highly beneficial for the animal. Now that the safety issue is out of the way, it’s time to take a closer look at what this particular product can actually do.

What Can It Do?

It’s only natural that you don’t want to even think about getting this product for your feline without first checking what it is that it can precisely do. There are quite a lot of great benefits that you can expect to get from CBD oil and I’m pretty sure that your cat will love its effects. For starters, it can help the poor animal if it is in pain, which is automatically a huge benefit, since no living being likes to be in pain of any kind.

You can find some more useful info about this product here:

In addition to treating pain, CBD oil can help alleviate your cat’s anxiety and we all know that these little meowing creatures can be susceptible to anxiety disorders. Plus, this product can also manage and control epileptic seizures, which is certainly a huge deal for all the felines suffering from epilepsy. There’s also evidence that it can help treat cancer and a lot of other serious medical conditions.

So, Is It Good For Your Cat?

Let me now give you a simple answer to the above question. Yes, CBD oil is most certainly good for your cat and I’m not referring only to those felines that need medical help. Quite on the contrary, this product is perfect for healthy cats as well, since it works towards maintaining and improving their general and overall wellbeing.

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