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CBD As A Pain Reliever

CBD As A Pain Reliever

CBD has been used in many things, especially treatments. From capsules and drops as vitamin boosters to lotions and creams to improve skin health. One of its most popular benefits would be pain relief. Now, this would be a topic that’s worth your time. If you want to know more about this, just keep on reading.

What Is CBD?

First and foremost, the term is short for Cannabidiol. Are you familiar with the cannabis Sativa plant species? Of course, the majority of us have heard of marijuana and cannabis (read more). Well, this topic happens to be related to that. However, cannabidiol is a compound that can be found in these plants.

The plants contain what we call cannabinoids. There are about 113 named cannabinoids, according to research, and CBD is one of them. However, the one we use isn’t extracted from random species. Specifically, it’s extracted from hemp to ensure the richness of the cannabidiol. Apparently, hemp is the type of plant that contains the most cannabidiol compared to others.

Unlike marijuana, hemp is the low-THC type of plant. THC is a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the one responsible for causing a high to marijuana users. In contrast to cannabidiol, this compound happens to be psychoactive, which is the cause of getting stoned. CBD, being a non-psychoactive component, makes a great ingredient because of its benefits.

One of its greatest benefits would be anxiety and pain relief. However, how is it able to do that? There are different varieties of CBD products, like the ones shown here, but it all works the same way. Through a system that each of us has. It is called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS for short.

What Is The ECS?

Back in the 1990s, researchers discovered the ECS because they studied for tetrahydrocannabinol. This cell-signaling system is responsible for balancing all the processes inside our body. Although the researchers are trying to understand the ECS better, they still haven’t finished the research. Until today, they are still exploring the substance’s properties and functions. However, they do know that it regulates some processes like sleep, memory, appetite, mood, and reproduction.

It’s proven that even if we don’t use any type of cannabis product, it functions actively every day. It is composed of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. Those are the main components the system has that the cannabinoids in cannabis plants interact with. Hence, making it possible for the benefits to take effect. One of which is pain relief.

Types Of CBD Products That Help With Pain


There are CBD patches available in the market these days. According to most, these can be worn for at least four days to help relieve body aches. Not to mention it can also be waterproof, which is pretty convenient. It’s usually applied on the stomach or the lower back.


Pain relief salves are also pretty handy. They can be applied to most external areas of your body. Since it’s a topical product, it can be applied directly to your skin, but it cannot be ingested. Our skin layers will be able to absorb it and will take effect. It will relieve soreness, chronic pain, and many more.


This type of product, on the other hand, can be ingested. In fact, CBD gummies are popular nowadays since it’s also fun to eat. These gummies can make your joints healthier and reduce exercise-induced inflammation. It can prevent you from experiencing chronic pain, thus allowing you to do your daily work or chores freely.


Massage Oils

If you’re fond of being massaged, then this is the product for you. Another popular product would be CBD oils. Of course, there are different types of oils, like the ones that can be ingested are entirely different from therapy oils. Particularly, this one is ideal for pain relief and relaxation. It also contains menthol, camphor, and other natural oils that can be found in regular therapy oils.


Although CBD does have skin health benefits, there are ones in particular that are for pain relief. It can relieve muscle pain after an intense workout or from lifting heavy objects. It also helps with inflammation while moisturizing your skin since most CBD lotions have shea butter and essential oils as ingredients.

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