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Camera Tricks: 15 Tips For Better Mobile Photos
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Camera Tricks: 15 Tips For Better Mobile Photos

Good smartphone cameras do not automatically take beautiful pictures. With our tips and camera tricks, you can get the most out of photo technology.

Here we present you 10 fascinating camera tricks for a better photo experience.

1. Clean the Lens

It makes sense, but take a look at the lens of your cell phone cam. The lens is unprotected and exposed – and therefore often dusty or smeared. Do not clean with your sleeve, but better with a glasses cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth.

2. Take Advantage of light

Smartphones have more trouble with poor lighting than real cameras. So raise the shutters, switch on lights, and use daylight – especially when the focus is on moving people and animals. By the way: It is best to photograph a sunset half an hour before the sun sinks behind the horizon.

3. Flash off – with one exception

At the concert, at the party, at the aquarium: the mobile phone flash is too weak for distant objects, it turns faces into pale ghostly grimaces, and glass reflects the flash. The automatic flash should be switched off by default on the mobile phone. Exception: For portraits in the sun, the LED light can be useful as a brightener.

4. Try other positions

If every photo is taken from a height of 1.70 meters, it becomes boring over time. Get on your knees, climb a hill, lie on the ground – try something new. But be careful with spectacular selfie attempts; they can be eye-catching. As a warning, there is a whole Wikipedia page with selfie accidents.

5. Correct the brightness

Many cell phones have a professional mode for the camera, with which you can set ISO values or the aperture. For beginners, it is enough if they know how to adjust the brightness setting. This is often done with a single swipe – and has a significant effect.

6. No boredom with landscapes

Mountains, forests, or a lonely beach look more exciting in photos when a concise subject can be seen in the foreground. No matter if a tree, building, or person. Carry a mobile tripod for capturing pics from different angles.

7. Close to people

No, the whole body doesn’t always have to be in the photo. Better to go straight to the people and snap a nice portrait instead of the typical tourist pictures. But be careful: Always ask before stepping too close to someone.

8. Avoid extremes

Sun in front, a shadow behind – or vice versa. Cell phones don’t cope with that. Except they have an HDR mode (High Dynamic Range), which combines several differently exposed images into one image.

9. Squeeze several times

It is best to photograph a beautiful composition in several variants and then choose the best one. In the case of moving objects, the series recording usually ensures that at least one is in focus. Nice side effect: photo programs such as Google Photos automatically create animated GIFs from them.

10. Take it easy

Although many top models have an optical stabilizer built-in, it is even more important in poor light than compact cameras to wobble as much as possible. So, prop up, take a breath, then pull the trigger.


In conclusion, with the help of these camera tricks, you can enhance your photography skills with your smartphone and snap more beautiful photos than normal.

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