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Call of Duty: 5 Tips to Catapult Killstreaks

Call of Duty: 5 Tips to Catapult Killstreaks

The game COD, which has gained immense popularity since its release because of the advanced features and newest updates every version gets to allow a more explicitly graphical experience to the players, has a ‘killstreaks’ aspect.

Every new version update and further release elevates the brutal nature of hunt and survival and gains significant advantages from killstreaks. It is earned by a Battle Royale player when he kills multiple enemies, provided that he remains alive.

These killstreaks are lost when the player dies and has to start anew. While these may sound trivial and unnecessary to risk yourself for killstreaks, they can push the game in your favor.

Wondering how to get killstreaks and avail its benefits? Here is a list of 5 tips and tricks to earn you the valuable killstreaks:-

Buy The Kill Streaks

The first method to earn more killstreaks is to buy them from the Buy Station. They are pretty costly, so you will have to be indulged in gathering contracts and serially killing enemies to earn more money. After gaining an appropriate amount of cash, you can buy the killstreak of your choice.

Tip: Before deciding on winning the killstreaks, ponder which one to target. In COD, some killstreaks are easy to win while some are harder than ever. Therefore, only target those that will be fairly simple to obtain and garner significant advantages in the game.

The next method lies in earning while battling.

Killstreaks are Not Always a Perk

Some killstreaks reward the player with radar or a UAV. These radars fly up in the air and let the player know of the enemy clans lurking nearby. While this does provide the advantage of knowing target coordinates, the enemies can also locate the position of the players because of the overhead flying radar.

If you happen to find the radar, you might be in the location of your opponent. Even if the opponent knows your position, you know theirs too. Shoot down the radar and attack accordingly to kill the enemy.

Shooting Down Enemy

While rummaging through the doors, nooks, and crannies, keep your hearing and sixth sense heightened to detect any movement around you. Stay hidden in certain circumstances or especially when you have enough cover. Be aware of the doors opening and closing and the sounds of footsteps.

Look for the lone members and target them. Take them down by surprise by drop-shotting as there are high chances your enemies will miss the target while going for the head. Hit the prone button while battling with the opponent in a head-on fight.

Cache Earns

Even if the chances of earning killstreaks from one of the shiny boxes are low, it is one of the easiest and safest methods to get. This is included in the Plunder game mode of COD Warzone.

Cache boxes make noise when you approach them, so be aware of enemies nearby as the noise can alert them. While the contract completes, the players are brought to a golden cache box that has the chance of comprising a valuable killstreak.

Also, if you hear the noise from cache boxes, it means an enemy is approaching it. Find and shoot them down, therefore earning another kill to complete your killstreak.

Weapon Usage

Use the weapons you unlock to your advantage before heading out to hunt for enemies.

Use the smoke grenades when you are in trouble because the smoke will spread over a large area, and you will get a cover. Make use of this and shoot down the opponents who are momentarily in shock. Next, be sure of which guns and rifles to carry. Choose the one that you can handle the best and try to keep various ranges open.

Be grateful to get loot and load-outs. These can be your best customizing tools.

Winning a game absolutely on your strategy and caliber is a joyous pleasure indeed. However, this method will take you longer to enjoy the taste of victory. Therefore, to avoid losing interest in triumph and getting your spirits down, some modern warfare cheats will be harmless to use.

Using cheats and hacks like aimbot and ESP becomes even more imperative because killstreaks boost the scorestreaks (score of players) in the Black Ops Cold War!

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