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Big Data Analytics – A key to Your Security System

Big Data Analytics – A key to Your Security System

Big Data analytics provides competitive advantages for businesses such as more effective marketing, smart decision making, and increased ROI. Learn how and why it should be integrated into your electronic security solutions.

Data analysis is the science that examines raw data to conclude the information purpose. Data analysis is used in various industries to enable companies and organizations to make better business decisions.

Define – Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analysis (BDA) is the process of examining large amounts of data of various types (big data) to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information.

This information provides competitive advantages for businesses such as more effective marketing, smart decision making, and increased ROI.

According to the Business Applications Research Center (Barc), most companies that use big data security analysis report huge business benefits, according to Search Data Center.

Predictive Data Analysis

According to research from the UOC university, predictive analysis is one of the tools that are part of a broader set of techniques known as Business Intelligence or Smart Business (internal data analysis process for better decision-making by companies).

This trend towards the use of predictive analytics is a consequence of the new culture that has become general regarding data, the ability to store and process it, linked to the advances experienced by IT.

Predictive analytics is a sub-discipline of data analysis that uses statistical techniques, such as computer learning or data mining, to develop models that predict future events or behaviors.

These predictive models make it possible to take advantage of the behavior patterns found in current and historical data to identify risks and opportunities.

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Advantages of Big Data Analytics for Companies

Data analysis is a tool that allows you to achieve business objectives due to the intelligent information that can be collected from your employees, suppliers, and customers.

In addition, it enables the use of unstructured data for real-time analysis. The use of which is by the financial, telecommunications, and retail sectors.

Define what information is useful and relevant to make better, fast, and accurate business decisions. Furthermore, have market information about the competition, competitive advertising spend, the market, and its trends. The Big Data allows us to know::

  • The behavior of customers.
  • Improve segmentation, retention, and capture of new customers.
  • And also, Optimize operations and resources.
  • Enhance productivity and make business processes more dynamic.
  • Effective risk management to ensure business continuity.

Improve security: Reduce the eventuality of fraud and abuse, and minimize internal and external regulatory risks.

Enable innovation: To discover new products, services, and business models.

The actions resulting from data analysis generate the company’s greatest success since they use useful and reliable information.

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