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Unsure of Why to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategies? Here are the Benefits of Video Marketing

Unsure of Why to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategies? Here are the Benefits of Video Marketing

Video Marketing: Video has been in existence for decades now and with the popularity of smartphones and internet access, brands are now looking to leverage the power of video marketing services which you can get from With the average public being in a rat race for success, people prefer to watch a 2-minute video instead of reading a 15-minute worth of text. That is why 81% of businesses across the world now have video as a part of their digital initiatives.

As a brand, you need to realize that the scope of the video is diverse and you can leverage it to build a rapport with your customers, enable better in-house collaboration among your teams, and promote your products or services to potential customers by giving this guide a read.

These days, there are different types of video content, and depending on your purpose you select the video format. While this may seem challenging, the results will single handedly drive your business on the path of growth. If you are skeptical about going through the hassle of creating video content, here are some points that will illustrate how it is worth the effort.

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Building Trust Through Video

For any business, building trust among the target group is a key goal in the path of long-term relationships. With video, the body language of the speaker is visible and that improves the impact of what is being told. The viewer gets a wholesome picture of the product you are selling, its features, the service, and a lot more.

In a video, you can set a conversational tone to your message thereby making the viewer more likely to engage with what is being told. These days, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have the option of Live videos wherein you can engage in two-way communication with your target audience. Since such videos are available for a short time, people are more likely to make themselves free thereby giving your brand the undivided attention you had always hoped for.

Explain the Product Through Video

If you are launching an innovative product, you need to illustrate all its features to tempt potential customers. Using InVideo, you can come up with demonstrative videos wherein you show the picture from multiple angles as you explain its various functionalities. That way, the viewer gets a wholesome idea of what to expect and can envision your product as a three-dimensional object.

Moreover, if you are selling something that needs assembling before usage, then DIY videos are the most important content for you. That way, your customers will not have to go through the hassle of reading step-by-step setup and can have the item assembled in less time. This will lead to better customer satisfaction and make them more likely to make their future purchases from your brand.

Engage the Busy or Lazy Section of Your Target Group

The average audience has a much lesser attention span than in the past and is not likely to read through textual content. Handing out pamphlets will only lead to littering of the road, and the receiver might not even read them. In such a situation, one of the best ways of catering to your audience is by creating videos.

This gives them a holistic idea of the product in action, and they have a better understanding of it as compared to reading long product descriptions. Unlike reading, watching a video requires no effort on the part of the audience thereby allowing them to watch the video when traveling or lazing around. That way, you cater to your busiest and laziest customers at the same time, thereby increasing the reach of your video.

Establish Your Industry Dominance

When given a choice, people prefer buying from an industry veteran. You can demonstrate your knowledge by coming up with educational videos where you explain core industry concepts. If yours is a dynamic field where recent development in technology or amendments in local laws affects you, then you can come up with videos wherein you talk about the latest trends.

Such informative videos add value to the customer’s life and establish your knowledge. If you are unsure of the topics on which you can create videos, you can consider organizing polls asking users what they want. By giving them what they want, you make your existing customers feel valued and convert them into loyal customers.

Spending time looking up the YouTube page of your competitors and reading the comments section will also help you get a better picture of customer expectations. This is especially important in healthcare marketing where several companies are competing for a small target audience. So to learn about how to have more leverage in the healthcare industry you can check this out.

Boosting SEO through Video

In today’s world, merely coming up with high-quality content will not suffice and you need to ensure that your content reaches the eye of people searching for similar items. The use of keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary in boosting the visibility of a website or landing page. The internal algorithm of some of the top search engines is programmed to place a web page with video higher in its rankings.

Considering that YouTube is the most popular video platform, it is understandable that you would upload your video there and then share it on your website. If you can use keywords in the title and description of your video and include closed captioning, the video will help in boosting the SEO of the webpage you share it in. For best results, ensure the content of the page where you share the video is relevant to the video content.

The path of using video in marketing is unprecedented. While there are several advantages, there will be many unknown hindrances in your path. What worked for others may not help you and you need to be able to take decisions on the spur of the moment.

However, the advantages outweigh any challenge and if you can leverage the power of video, there is nothing that can stop you from the growth you had envisioned. One of the best things about the usage of video in marketing is the fact that it gives small businesses a fairground to compete and establish their stand. In addition, if you are looking for a website to submit your video marketing article, please do visit

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