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How to Apply Industrial Automation Systems? – IT Graviti
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How to Apply Industrial Automation Systems? – IT Graviti

Automation systems are highly integrated into the industrial process. Any company in a multitude of production and manufacturing sectors already has at least one automated system such as warehouse management system, order management system, quickbooks inventory management,etc.

In principle, those processes that require little effort have been automated. Although over-time new, more flexible automation systems have emerged to apply to larger production actions. Therefore, companies begin to coexist with different systems. And it requires the professionals to be able to integrate these automation systems into a single one that encompasses the company.


The trend towards a society that can benefit from digital technology opportunities encourages the emergence of partnerships to promote the technology sector.

Assembly and Maintenance of Industrial Automation Systems

The constant research and development of automation systems adaptable to industrial processes solving more complex processes. And with an increasingly low implementation cost makes the industrial sector rise in the trend of implementing automated systems.

This boom in industries implies the need for professionals in the sector to carry out an implementation study of this type of system.

automation systems

Besides, these systems require the training of operators who, in addition to exploiting the facility and operating the production process. And, are also capable of carrying out the maintenance required by these automation systems to work under adequate conditions.

The industry itself is changing from within, replacing processes, and improving jobs. Due to the trend of reinventing the profile of the necessary workers after automating jobs.

Steps to Follow for the Implementation of an Automated System

When carrying out the implementation of automation systems, we must consider a series of steps to execute to obtain the desired results. We must also take into account the maximum use and benefits acquired from the use of these systems.


We must interview and know the current production process to design an efficient automated system that improves the current state.

Assembly management

Plan it so that it carries out in phases or taking advantage of a controlled technical shutdown in order to minimize the impact on production to be covered in the time that the adaptation lasts.

Integration of elements

We must adapt the current parameters of the process converting to values ​​understandable by the automated system, with functions such as analog-digital conversion.

Execution, Adjustments, Parameterization, and Programming

They will be processed to carry out living with the new system and coordinate the company’s management with the operators and maintenance personnel. Considering the interconnection of elements and data flow, the standards of interconnecting through suitable field buses.

industrial automation systems


Once the implementation is done, it requires a final verification and readjustments for the process to be optimized.

Maintenance Planning

The process does not end only in the implementation; it requires an adequately documented maintenance plan.

Maintenance Management

Through the maintenance plan and with qualified operators throughout the useful life of the system, the corresponding actions will be maintained and executed


Faults must be detected easily and quickly, which is achieved by reducing the necessary cabling, opting for trends towards Wireless technologies and wireless networks that facilitate maintenance by eliminating cumbersome cabling.

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Industrial Automation and Control Systems Applications

The industry is learning to understand the new tool at hand by having different automated processes in its production plant.

In addition to the benefits that automation systems provide individually, the industry has the advantage and ease of measuring. And, therefore, adequately control all processes together.

The industry management has control applications where to manage and plan in real-time the processes in progress, future needs, plan exactly when we need raw materials, when orders in progress end, etc…

Having these applications greatly streamlines the work of managers and facilitates the management of production processes. So you can inform the customer of both the quantity of the product and the time to have it available with adequate confidence.

For the good management of production processes taking advantage of a suitable implementation of automation systems, we will take into account the following points.

  • Process control: The processes, even being automatic, will have constant supervision. Therefore, we must have tools such as screens, indicators, alarms, sirens, etc…
  • Data monitoring: We must have adequate parameters and measures of the processes with indicators and production ratios, updated and real.
  • Industrial instrumentation: Each time, the range of different types of automated tools is greater. And we must select the most appropriate. For example, there are a large number of tools to place on a robot arm.
  • Management of communication networks: Data communication and knowledge of the state of the systems is essential. So we must have an adequate and reliable communication system.


In conclusion, we must be aware that the production and manufacturing of any sector roots at the automation level that it allows. Thus each automation system is capable of integrating and intercommunicating with each other.

And that the trend of all production and manufacturing processes is towards the implementation of automation systems. Therefore, we must adapt both workers, management teams, marketing team planning and maintenance teams to control and carry out the operations with this type of system.

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