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5 Reasons to Send Resumes in PDF Format

5 Reasons to Send Resumes in PDF Format

There are many ways you can improve your resume if you want to make it better for the people who will receive it. Converting it to PDF format is one way you can improve it. The following are five reasons you should consider converting your resume to PDF format:

1.   They Cannot Be Easily Altered

Protection from alterations is one reason you may want to consider learning how to convert PDFs so that you can change your resume. It will not be easy for someone else to alter your resume accidentally if you send it in PDF format.

Unfortunately, they may be able to alter it if you send it in another format, such as a Word document. You may want to consider changing it to PDF to ensure that you don’t have your important information lost or changed in any way.

2. Less Prone to Viruses

PDF files are less likely to contain viruses than files in other formats. Therefore, you can practice safe file transfers by using a tool to convert your resume into PDF format.

Fortunately, you can easily complete the process by using the tools available in Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat will allow you to view and make changes to all of your PDF files.

3. Less Likely to Be Flagged as Spam

As mentioned before, Word files and other formats are more likely to contain viruses than PDF files are. For that reason, many email programs flag emails with such attachments as spam. You can try to prevent that from happening to your resume if you send it in PDF format.

It’s more likely to go right through to the employer’s mailbox than it is to get flagged as spam. That way, you can ensure that your resume will make its way to the right people.

4. Seen the Same Way on All Computers

Different formats can be seen differently on various devices. You might have the perfect format and then have the document display to another person as if it’s out of sorts. You can prevent that from happening by converting your document to a PDF format.

PDF documents maintain their formatting and layouts, no matter what type of device the viewer uses. You don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of messing up the first impression because of a formatting issue. You can ensure that the prospective employer will see the very best version of a resume you can offer.

5. It’s Impressive

The main goal when you send a resume to someone is to impress that person. You might be able to impress the prospective employer quite well if you convert your resume into PDF format and send it that way. The employer will know that you’re good with computer work, and you pay close attention to detail.

As you can see, it’s very beneficial to convert your resume into PDF format. Those are some of the main reasons it is. Consider using some of the tools mentioned above to convert your resume as mentioned.

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