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5 Installation mistakes to avoid for a Trouble Free jailbreak your firestick

5 Installation mistakes to avoid for a Trouble Free jailbreak your firestick

Do you want to jailbreak your Amazon Firestick? Here, we’ll tell how you can fast and easily jailbreak your Amazon Fire TV devices thus you can install what ever apps you want. Here we will also show you how to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your Firestick thus you can watch safely and access geo-locked platforms from outsides.

5 Mistakes Most Amazon jailbreak the fire tv stick Users Make Unknowingly

FireStick is the best streaming device for sometimes while now. It is fine to fix and exceptionally easy to operate. However, my experience is not always been good.

I never blame any device for it. Most of the problems I have faced have been broadly due to the wrongs I have made or some of the important points I ignored. Thankfully, I have spotted and rectified the FireStick faults I have made over the years.

1. Creating an Amazon account by the time of the FireStick setup

If you want to neglect being enquired to give your credit card info every time you proceed to download an app on your jailbreak the fire tv stick, be sure you will not sign up for an Amazon account during the FireStick setup.

Using your FireStick, you should sign in with an Amazon account. While you are setting up your FireStick firstly, you are openned with a window titled ‘Sign in with Your Amazon Account’ and you are provided the following two ways:

  • I already have an Amazon account
  • And, I am new to Amazon

If you are already having an Amazon account, you just choose the first one. But whether you are not having an Amazon account, you are should choose the option ‘I am new to Amazon’


It is strongly suggested that create an Amazon account on a pc or any device before setting up your FireStick. And, after that, choose the 1st option.

Just maintain this simple process to have a jailbreak the fire tv stick stream:

  • Visit and make a new account
  • Put your billing address at
  • Select Default 1-Click at

2. Making the default privacy settings

Your privacy is sometimes compromised a little blatantly. As FireStick is a great streaming device, Amazon is utilising this device to operate your online movements.

The default Settings of privacy of FireStick permit Amazon to:

  • Get Device Usage Data
  • Get App Usage Data
  • Get Data Monitoring

Usually users do not even know that their streaming history is being watched. In fact, Amazon must openly let us know about this theory and must first take the permission before enabling them. But, that do not happen.

But, you can stop data collection and data analysing from the FireStick Settings. By the following steps:

  1. Tap Settings from the FireStick home page.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Select Privacy Settings.
  4. Disable or turn off:

Device Usage Data

And Collect App Usage Data

5. Then, click the back button once and returnto Preferences

Tap Data Monitoring.

6. Disable Data Monitoring on that window.

3. Do not connect a VPN while using low-cost or free streaming services

By changing your privacy settings within the FireStick Settings, you have stopped Amazon from monitoring your online activities (may be).

Moreover, it is not just Amazon that is personally eager to monitor in what you are doing online or what you are watching. Your ISP and Government may be keeping an eye upon you.

If you wish to honestly cover your privacy and be sure your all online works are not operated, it is highly suggested that you must use a VPN.

Now let’s see how you can go totally private and safe with ExpressVPN on FireStick:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN HERE in a web browser on a pc or device.
  2. Return to your FireStick; select Search on the home screen in the top-left side.
  3. Search for the ExpressVPN FireStick app; maintain the online rules to install the application.
  4. Sign in with your ExpressVPN id that you made during the signup.
  5. Make connection to an ExpressVPN server.

You can now begin serving your FireStick with totally peace of mind

4. Do not disconnect VPN before powering off your FireStick

Most FireStick VPNs, also ExpressVPN, provide the auto-connect way on startup. Meaning, they easily connect to the accurate site when you start your FireStick if you disable the device while still join the VPN server.

I trust that it is a important option. You need not reconnect to a VPN each time you retry to start your device. Also, you should not worry about not remembering to connect to a VPN after the handset or pc restart.

Do not turn off the VPN before powering off your FireStick.

However, if you are not disturbed by the wrong date or time, I will suggest keep the VPN on. The schedule will not change your streaming activities, mainly if you are utilising third-party streaming apps.

5. Keep your TV at a distance from the router

If you are having buffering on FireStick, the very the first things check is if your device is getting proper Wi-Fi signals or not.

Wi-Fi connectivity strength is the way to the buffer-free streaming knowledge and it stands upon the distance between your FireStick and the router/modem.

At first, check the Wi-Fi connectivity strength on your FireStick. If it is not so strong, either use an additional Wi-Fi extender or keep your router closer to the TV.

The way to check the internet connectivity strength:

  1. Open Settings on your FireStick from the home age.
  2. Tap Network.
  3. Choose your Wi-Fi operator name.

Now you will see the Signal Strength on the right side.


Thus, here is the list of the most usual FireStick mistakes users make. If you maintain issues I have listed here carefully, I have been able to better my FireStick experience broadly.

Review 5 Installation mistakes to avoid for a Trouble Free jailbreak your firestick.

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